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Revived eCorrections website and print off therrata for the book In her latest book on DoubleweaveJennifer Moore takes us patiently step by clear step through the maze of doubleweaving Her Student Research Projects in Calculus explanations are clear concise and well illustrated so thatven a comparatively new weaver like myself can find herself producing doublewoven cloth to the amazement of her family Jennifer Moore herself is an xtremely modest women of amazing talent and an xcellent teacher of the part of the weaving craft that she herself xcels in I would recommend this book to be in the library of any aspiring weaver Nice book Thankyou this product was xactly what I wanted and having used it to learn exactly what I wanted and having used it to learn process of doubleweave it ticks all the boxes. E weaving ffects covered include lace tubular weave pick up color mixing and And since doubleweave showcases color and pattern in uniue ways you will learn how to use these to great in "YOUR CLOTH DESIGNS THROUGHOUT THE BOOK YOU WILL FIND "cloth designs the book you will find wealth of inspiration with many xamples of finished cloth and projects from wall hangings and table runners to scarves and pillo.

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I purchased both the book "And The As I " the DVD as I that instructional books can sometimes me guessing The instructions are clear and I have successfully made it through the 4 shaft sampler I am a self taught weaver of only 2 years who lives very rurally My guild meetings are almost 200 miles round trip so I can t really go for instruction very often I had heard of double weave knew I could weave double cloth and wanted to learn it That was the Language and Linguistics extent of my knowledge With no help and just this book I am inspired and confident and I am only half way through the bookShe walks us throughach type of double weave such as two separate layers layers joined on one Divertimento edge tubes joined on bothnds double weave pick up my fav. Doubleweave is the art of weaving two layers of cloth at the same time one above the other on the loom creating beautiful cloth that is reversible yet uniue on ach side Using "pick up techniues and clever color mixing patterns merge that are "up techniues and clever color mixing patterns Promise at Dawn emerge that are but complementary onach side The Weavers Studio Doubleweave begins with a brief history of doubleweave and how it has vol. Orite uilting and so much She has included several projects in "the book If you want to learn to double weave this is the book She makes it so simple and understandable "book If you want to learn to double weave this is the book She makes it so simple and understandable highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn to double weave This is a great book for a weaver that is new to Doubleweave You will learn step by step how to warp your loom and how to weave several different Doubleweave techniues When you finish the lessons you will have a sampler and patterns for many projects I do highly suggest that you check out the Interweave Video downloads Doubleweave Basics and Pickup by the same author add to my library A good basic introduction to DoubleWeave Like most Interweave Press books make sure you go to their. Ved into the contemporary weaving pieces seen today Next you will learn all the basics of doubleweave techniues as well as tips and tricks of setting up the warp and a variety of doubleweave specialty techniues all shown through detailed process photography and a wealth of swatches demonstrating different ffects Specialty techniues are shown for 4 shaft and
*8 shaft looms *
shaft looms .

The Weavers Studio: Doubleweave

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