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Ns that are so raw that the reader can *t help but feel them too The growth and development of these characters Through The Story Is Masterful the story is masterful *help but feel them too The growth and development of these characters through the story is masterful I loved it I wished it was longer which was a thing I NEVER wish because finishing a book and marking it as read is one of my great pleasures But I would spend all the time in the world with Ada Read the first one first You need to And it is also awesome so why would you skip it But then scoop this one up in October when it publishes If you love character driven historical fiction you will not want to miss this Bawled my way through this one as well Happy and sad and adds a new dimension or two to Ada s war Both her personal war and the actual war with Germany So interesting to see what it was like for children on the ground in England So much is written or at least most of what I ve read is ither about children in America or in Germany So interesting to see how far along the war was for England before the US joined and their attitude toward Hitler and the Germans And of course the story of the new hatched almost family of Ada Jamie and Susan sobs uncontrollably It s just so good THE WAR THAT SAVED MY LIFE is a hard act to follow but I think I have liked this follow up ven The bonds of family and friendship are tested and strengthened again as the war continues to wreak havoc on Ada s life Bradley does not shy away from writing about Ada s anger and confusion and her supporting cast is fully realized and allowed story arcs of their own I Ada s anger and confusion and her supporting cast is fully realized and allowed story arcs of their own I particularly touched by the portrayal of Lady Thornton forced to live in close uarters with Ada and her new family who has moments of utter ignorance and borderline cruelty yet grew into one of my favourite characters at the nd There is a touch of Frances Hodgson Burnett about this duology not to be missed Love isn t as rare as you think it isYou can love all sorts of people in all sorts of ways Nor is love in any way dangerousI ve devoured this series within a week of discovering it and now don t know what to do with myself Thoroughly FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck enjoyable anddifying I would Big Little Man eat it if I could I loved all of the historicallements that Bradley weaved into this story an account of war in the English countryside from the perspective of a young girl The Man from Beijing evacuated from East End London Though she s healed physically the internal struggles with fear and anger Ada is in the process of overcoming were written in such a charming manner I forgot many times that I was reading a middle grade novel Pssssh This hit a heart spot in the way only shows like Home Fires Call the Midwives and Anne with an E can I hope deep down that there will be a seuel to the seuel One can dream can t theyYou can know things all you like and someday you might believe them Trying to put this review into words is so difficult The story the characters the historyit was all done SO well Kimberly allows us to see Ada to her core She A wonderful addition to my favorite Middle Grade bookver The War That Saved My LifeYou get to continue on with Ada and Jamie in this seuel They finally have a permanent home with the amazing Susan Great characters an amazing story and a fantastic audio book narrator Jayne Entwistle Six stars for this second and final book in the series I wish I had time to write a review This book has Creating Lasting Value everything First it is a page turner The. Tion to appearing on multiple best of the year lists This second marvelous volume continues Ada’s powerful uplifting storyAda is for the ages as is this book Wonderful  Kirkus starred reviewFans of the first book will love the seuelven   SLJ starred reviewBradley sweeps us up ven as she moves us to tears  The Horn Book starred reviewPerceptive satisfying will stay with readers  PW starred revi. ,

The War I Finally Won The War That Saved My Life 2 A very cool kids book PYou can know things all you like but that doesn t mean you believe them cMam hadn t been much for words and there was a limit to how much I could teach myself looking out the one window of our flat cThe Swiss Family Robinson got shipwrecked onto a beautiful island where verything turned out splendid for them Jamie loved the story I had always disliked it I hated it now Jamie and I were shipwrecked but we hadn t been rescued after all We hadn t reached an island We were still struggling not to drown in the storm tossed sea cWhen things were very bad I could go away in my head to a place where no one could touch me I went away to Butter s pasture to galloping through the green fields on Butter cI tried to speak but no words came I choked and then I was sobbing and Susan rocked me back and forth back and forth as if I was a little baby as if she loved me as if she always had cA place to go and think about her To think about the good memories I would have to think hard to find any good memories c Keep going Susan said The only way out of this is straight through I Needed A Doll needed a doll long time ago I said It s too late for me to have one now cI d survived Christmas That was gift Montana Dreams enough cOn one side hills rose covered in brown winter grass On the other the ocean spread flat and clean I took a deep breath and filled my lungs with the scent of the ocean I felt the wind on my face The sky seemed safe cIf I started letting myself feel afraid I would never be able to stop cWhat s right and what s permitted are sometimes different things cI d become the person I d longed to be cI stored this information in my head in the bulging file titled Things I Wished I Didn t Know It included what it felt like to walk on a clubfoot for ten years and what it sounded like to have your mother say she never wanted to see you again c If only the blackout didn t have to be black It doesn t I said in sudden realization Not on the inside cHe couldn t say but that didn t mean we couldn t try to ferret it out of him c This stories continues just where The War That Saved My Life finished Having loved the first book so much I was surprised that the seuel was just as good if notnjoyable we were so xcited to have the chance to read about these wonderful characters This story continues with the characters lives during WWII the book spans a couple of years we learn "About Characters From The Last "characters from the last and a new character Ruth joins the family Susan continues to be a wonderful mother and helps Ada with love and understanding to work through her problems We see heartache from the war and although parts are very hard to read aloud despite the sadness and loss the book is uplifting and positiveThere are some wonderful animal characters in this story and those who love horses will find so much njoy in this book We Modern South Asia enjoyed the details of WWII life the food rationing the meals they ate the war work the villagers did It wasnjoyable to read about a time when people of all classes came together for once and had shared xperienceswe loved for once and had shared xperiencesWe loved story from the first page it is a real page turner and there was no part of the book that was dull or uninteresting We haven t found any other recently written books that we have njoyed anywhere near a much as these two Perhap. Ada and her younger brother Jamie now have a permanent home with their loving legal guardian Susan Smith Although Jamie adapts asily Ada still struggles with the aftermath of her old life and how to fit into her new life World War II continues and forces the small community to come together and rely on one another Ada has never been interested in getting to know her friend’s family specially Maggie’. S it was because we have a US copy but we were slightly suprised how many American words where used that wouldn t have been used by an English speaker candy gasoline fall pants uit gotten to name a few I remember but a small point that didn t in anyway spoil the njoyment of a really wonderful story Highly recommended for any age This seuel starts right up where book 1 left off the 2 books make up 1 story I think it keeps getting better and better I do think it s important to read book 1 before reading book 2I stayed up very late to finish reading All the way through it was a hard book to put down It s a page turnerI m considering adding it to my favorites shelf It s definitely a solid 5 star book for me How often is a seuel Aristotle Detective (Aristotle even better than the first book Here it is and I also gave the first book 5 starsIt s a masterfully and beautifully told story It has an incredibly appealing voice in the main character narrator Ada and a writing style that I loveAll the characters are brought vividly to life The plot and its pacing is perfectionI loved the newly introduced character Ruth andnjoyed the increased depth to many other characters particularly the adults I continue to love Susan a nearly perfect natural therapist and mother and appreciate how she s shown as flawed and not actually perfect I loved how one thing about her past was resolvedAda is a great character to root for and I did This account shows a her past was resolvedAda is a great character to root for and I did This account shows a from trauma that is realistically shown optimistic but not at all unrealistic The single page author s note at the back talks about two aspects of WWII that were a bit cryptically woven into the story and was a welcome addition It s a must read additional page This book is intense but always stays appropriate for middle grade readers and young adult readers despite the sometimes heavy subject matter including WWII and its causalities and the realities of civilian life during the war the Holocaust child abuse and neglect traumatic loss adult sexual and romantic relationships far off the page and other such things It might not sound like a children s book but it is though unlike the first one I think it is also a young adult book although it s one that I think can be Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoyed by all ages Both books are all ages appropriate and I think will appeal to some adults who don t normally read books for younger readers Highly recommended for readers whonjoy any of the following coming of age stories stories about WWII specially as
"it impacted ngland "
impacted England the Jews horse lovers cat lovers family stories including atypical family stories orphan stories and stories where both child an adult characters grow and change in a realistic wayI loved so many parts in this book I found so many things meaningful One fun and creative thing I thoroughly njoyed bottom half of page 294second page in chapter 47 in the US hardcover dition was view spoiler I loved how Ada realized the black outs did not have to be gloomy black on the inside and how the kids painted the insides to match how the outside of the houses looked without the black outs on bringing naturethe outsidelight back into the house and making the rooms look much cheerful hide spoiler I loved The War That Saved My Life and friends this is a worthy seuel I am in awe of Kimberly Bradley s ability to create characters that are so real feeling motio. S mother the formidable Lady Thorton However circumstances bring them in close proximity along with other unexpected characters Ada comes face to face with another German This time she isn’t sure what she should do How can she help the ones she loves and keep them safe   Ada’s first story The War that Saved My Life won a Newbery Honor the Schneider Family Book Award and the Josette Frank Award in addi. ,

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The War I Finally Won