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Geance on their amiliesIt seems amazing now that the FRANCOISTS REALLY THOUGHT THAT THEIR BRAND OF AUTHORITARIAN CONSERVATISM really thought that their brand of authoritarian conservatism kind of modern eudalism had any place in the 20th century Franco s supporters claim that he did eventually make Spain a prosperous nation but in reality much of that prosperity was based on mass tourism in the 60s and generous handouts Science, Technology and Culture from the US when Franco was seen as bulwark against Communism In other words Spain benefitedrom the liberaldemocratic world s habit of doing business with dictators when it suitsOne interesting area that Preston The Road to Einsteins Relativity focuses on which is played down in other accounts of the war is the maniacal anti semitism of Franco and his mates Weird given that there were veryew Jews in Spain at the time Yet Franco AND OTHER SENIOR MILITARY MEN SWALLOWED ALL THE RUBBISHY other senior military men swallowed all the rubbishy theories of the day about a Jewish plot to take over the world aided by Freemasons and Marxists No surprise that Franco got on well with Heinrich Himmler and other leading NazisIf you are looking Black Boy for a general history of the civil war don t read this book Look at other books by Paul Preston or Antony Beevor or Ronald Fraser s Blood of Spain which is a general history presented as interviews with politicians combatants and civilians on both sides However if you want to know what really happened behind the lines in the Spanish Civil War and you want to understand how itits with the tyrannies of Stalinism and Nazism I recommend that you read this book I wanted a general history of the Spanish civil war THis is heavily researched and written by a very knowledgeable author but don t buy if you want an easy read or an over view It is Nighttime Sweethearts far to dense and involvedor the general reader Having only a little knowledge of this subject and era I was born just after the events I thought to delve a little deeper into the events Whilst I commend the research that must have been painstakingly undertaken Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire for my reuirements which wasor a Safe in My Arms factual account of the conflict along a timeline Iound occasionally that the time line became disjointed and possibly a little too much information regarding names of local players Where the mayor of would be perfectly adeuate each individuals Presunta colpevole full name and title became tiresome However with due regard to the the overall contentor a really detailed in depth analysis of the issues surely there can t be many that can compete with this work. 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Ing bias but Preston does Not Do What Some Left do what some left historians do which is to portray Republican atrocities as spontaneous and therefore less culpable than Franco s deliberate and organised use of terror Instead Preston Shows That Many Of shows that many of atrocities committed by the Left were not only well planned they were also brutal and merciless and completely unjustified One important point that Preston does make however is that Franco could get away with mass murder and still be described by the Daily Mail as a gallant Christian gentleman whereas the Republicans with mass murder and still be described by the Daily Mail as a gallant Christian gentleman whereas the Republicans being the legitimate democratically elected government were desperate to stop the atrocities on their side because of the bad press it gave their cause And of course the Left being the Left some of the worst atrocities were committed by Leftists against other Leftists as in the Communist purge of the POUM in Barcelona in May 1937You do need a strong stomach to read this book The accounts of the murders of women children and elderly non combatants are particularly harrowing But so too are the accounts of the murders of ordinary men who were either doing their duty as town mayors or civil servants or army officers or were trying to get a bit of land or better pay so they could support their Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem families and their communities It has often been said that Franco with the support of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy could have won the war in aew months rather than three years but he deliberately prolonged the agony so he could grind the Republicans into the dust Preston shows how and why he did that with clinical detail in order to root out the poison of Marxism and other Safe Words foreign ideologies But he also shows that Franco was not justighting Reds he was His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, fighting regionalism especially in Catalonia and the Basue Country The British right wing press had real problems trying to justify Franco s use of bombing and terror against the deeply Catholic and conservative Basues And the terror didn t end when peace was declared it went onor years in labour camps around the country where hundreds of thousands were locked up awaiting trial and execution This included not just communists and anarchists but vaguely centrist people who happened to have been civil servants or town councillors The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, for moderate parties When the Francoists couldn t get their hands on political activists because they had gone into hiding orled abroad they would take ven. 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This is a very tough read both because of the many names of the various Pursuit of Justice factions and because of the skipping around time wise You practically need to have read about the period 1934 late 39 ahead of time not to get lost Fortunately the book ends Alsoortunate are the inclusions of a glossary and exhaustive lists of names and page references index I wrote in the margins uestions that popped up while reading this painful tomb I cussed in the margins and on the ront "Of The Book To " the book to point where I had to go back with a thick black marker and mark out those outbursts It was Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude frustrating to read It is a necessary book This could happen in America This is a in detailed history of Spain before and during the Spanish Civil War 1936 39 Very moving accountrom both sides of the struggle It is hard to believe the vicious way this war was carried out by both sides Just about as many people were executed by Rodeo Daughter firing suad as died in combat during the war Excellent read and well worth the time A very memorable book Rick Mr Preston writes carefully researched history and has no ualms about his opinion of Franco s 36 year dictatorship Paul Preston captures the reality of what took place behind both lines during the Spanish civil war great read recommend I read this book while watchingor the nth time Granada TV s documentary series on the Spanish Civil War which was My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze first broadcast in 1983 and can still beound on YouTube I ve been interested in the Spanish Civil War since that Granada series was Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses first broadcast and I went through a period in the 90s and 00s when I read a mass of books about the civil war and other aspects of Spanish history In 2004 my wife and I bought a house in Andalusia andor several years we spent a lot of time in Spain and we were often surprised that even then 30 years after Franco s spent a lot of time in Spain and WE WERE OFTEN SURPRISED THAT EVEN THEN 30 YEARS were often surprised that even then 30 years Franco s no one wanted to talk about the civil war There were no museums no exhibitions only a A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, few scholars like Paul Preston keeping thelame aliveThe Granada series ends with an interview with an elderly Franco supporter Throughout the series she was interviewed several times claiming that Franco stood My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, for the Church theamily and traditional values and was a great man but at the end she says her daughters had persuaded her to look at things Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, from the other side and she had to admit that there wasault on both sides That is Paul Preston s basic premise Some reviewers moan about left Will be shipped rom US Used books may not include companion  Spanish Holocaust