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Revived eF what Tozer said I had to actually think about it to figure out that he was taking of a black and white viewI really loved that hended Student Research Projects in Calculus each chapter with a prayer It was a really goodxample for incorporating the chapter into something I could understand betterThe read wasn t as ntertaining as I would have hoped it to be but like the introduction said it did change the way I look at worship I guess you can say that it helped mature what already Knew Of WorshipIn Recommending of worshipIn recommending book I think you could start at the introduction read chapter 14 and then read chapters 1 14 I wanted to read another of Tozer s books after having read The Pursuit of God in which he describes a personal relationship with God grows out of an unuenchable desire to know God Tozer s words still resonate and the prayers at the nd of THOSE CHAPTERS BROUGHT ME TO TEARS THE PURPOSE OF chapters brought me to tears The Purpose of however has of a handbook y tone or a how to It lacks nuance and feels a bit preachy no pun intended I plan to read of his works though A wonderful book about worship and how to approach it Wise and challenging chapters After reading a uote by him in an article Faith is the gaze of a soul upon a saving God I was interested to learn about him and his writings Knowing not much than the title of this book I ordered a copy I never realized how timely this book would be It was a God sent and it s uite possibly one of the most life changing books I ve Love for Imperfect Things ever read It is well worth the read and will than likely draw you closer to God in the proces. D worship but alsoxperience it in his or her own heart “This will be the best teaching in my ministry I want to deliver my soul as a prophet of God to the people and to A Heart of Stone explain why we were created and why we are here not to the satisfaction of the needed appetite only but to something bigger grander andternal that we might worship God and njoy Him forever” A W Tozer. S Holy macrel this is a good book A W Tozer has lovingly punched me in the face with his words and I am so glad If you are feeling stale or not connected with God this

blow your mind and completely your attitude to worship The last chapter alone blew my mind with ach sub topic If what we believe does not make God real to is if it does not make us Christ like in very aspect of our life of what value is it The maintaining of our worship is a responsibility we cannot shirk It must be paramount in our daily life But we all with open face beholding As In A Glass The in a glass the of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory ven as by the Spirit of the Lord 2 Cor 318 uite good Tozer is solid over all and writes with passion and intelligence Some great word pictures as well Loaned to me by a super cool person Super cool book I highly recommend Tozer has a way of writing books that are Divertimento extremelyasy to read while also being very very full of thoughts and ideas and things to digest It s really cool I want to read this one again with a pen in my handLots to glean from here about how we were designed and what we are made for Tozer has a way of really making you dwell on things This book is Love Is a Fairy Tale excellent He answers the simple uestion what is the purpose of man To worship God I highly recommend In the introduction theditor claimed that the reader s views would be changed by the Promise at Dawn end of the book I was skeptical but decided to read on At first I was not so sure that I agreed with that a lot P Tozer knew worship as the purpose of man and thexpectation of God His thoughts on this subject were deeply rooted in biblical doctrine and historic writings blending Scripture with some of the great devotional writers throughout history Like sitting down with Tozer The Purpose of Man delivers the soul cry of Tozer on worship and will inspire readers to not only understan.
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The Purpose of Man Designed to Worship