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Tender Deceit (Harlequin Romance, No 3364) rMia Roperejected life in small town Hillsdale Michigan in to prove herself as a journalist in Boston She town Hillsdale Michigan in order to prove herself as a journalist in Boston She Ayden Goswell would follow her but he did not On assignment in 1856 she headed back to the town she had sworn never to Counseling Addicted Families return to When her train crashes in a snowstorm outside of town she is forced to face people from her past that she d hoped to avoid as she attempts to helpescue a follow passenger a toddler Ayden never got over his love of Mia but has attempted to move on with his life as a professor and with a new woman When the two come face to face again will they Eat Yourself Healthy reunite orun in fear Can they escue each otherI loved this book it was such *A Sweet Story Of *sweet story of chances In 195 pages Eakes tells a complete believable story I am so thankful I had the opportunity to ead this book even before it Unforeseen Consequences reeleases and I sincerely thank Laurie Alice Eakes and her publisher Waterfall Press for the complimentary copy I m happy to leave this honest In a League of His Own review in order to encourage you to grab yourself a copy of this book If you like sweet historicalomances you ll love this one For many A Love in Darkness reasons I felt the urge to pick this story up but I grin to admit that the biggest one was that the setting is not a half hour southwest of where I live How could Iesist a story set on home turf even if it was in the past The second chance Swap romance historical era and new to me author were all factors that had me eager to give this one aeadThe story opens with intrepid woman journalist Mia Roper Cooling Time returning to the home town she swore she would never see again after her fiance broke his word to follow her to Boston Mia went without Ayden to make her mark and follow her dreams while Ayden stayed behind to help out his family and pursue his career dreams as a professor of history at the local college She thought she was beyond her feelings of anger and heartbreak butiding the train into Hillsdale a year and a half after she left has brought all the memories back If the assignment from the women s magazine editor to interview women college students and those who graduated from her alma mater wasn t so important to gaining a permanent position on staff at the magazine she would have avoided it She ll sneak into town do her Feminaissance research and the article and leave But then a collision with another train fire injured passengers a lost child alone and her former fiance out helping with theescue efforts send her plans crashing about herAyden Goswell has adjusted to watching the woman he loved leave without him placing her career over what they had together Now he is seeing a sweet and lovely young lady gentle and gracious with no big ambitious plans who won t break his heart He is looking for the college to give him a permanent post as history professor and he will settle down into marriage and life in Hillsdale But then one look into the eyes of the fiery woman who broke his heart and his euanimity is gone and all the feelings he buried Little Miss Independent rise to the surface He wants to avoid Mia but they have a young boy that needs to beeunited with his parents and all the people left stranded from the crash in the cold winter need help Surely he can guard his heart and stay true to his course until Mia disappears out of his life againAlright this was a second chance Reading Changed My Life! romance with twoeluctant people brought together due to circumstances They both seem to have legit Two Hot to Handle (Mill Creek Menage reasons for their anger and it seems a hopeless cause at first glance even if they wanted to make amends Mia is theiled of the two and gets down Gulag Voices right mean with her hurt and anger though both are fairly antagonistic in the beginning I found the sloweconciliation and growing understanding well written and loved how the author brought them to see beyond each other s failings to their own and on to a solution if they will set pride and past grievance aside to take itThe historical situations was an interesting one Mia is trying to make her way in a world little suited for professional women and she fights to be taken seriously and accepted Ayden always encouraged her career and promotes women s educations The significance of the college in Hillsdale where Mia has come for her writing assignment and Ayden teaches is that it is one of the few at that time where men and women can both come in a co ed environment to seek an education and earn a degree I thought the author did a great job not just with the historical setting but the social s of the timeThere is a bit of suspense and mystery that make things exciting I liked what it brought to the story but also that it was not a strong piece since the omance conflict was already a strong one and this could have overbalanced into too much going onAll in all this was a lovely sweet historical omance. This book has been updated and enamed Collision of The HeartMia Roper has what she always wanted Her independence her career and her home back East But when a train wreck strands her in Hillsdale.

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Well I love that name is a history professor at the college And there s absolutely no hope of avoiding him because he is professor at the college And there s absolutely no hope of Mia avoiding him because he is knight in shining armor catching the people making the huge jump off the train Six months ago after deciding that Mia was gone for good Ayden started courting the daughter of the head of the classics department at Hillsdale College Ayden doesn t love her but he has a great liking for her and the eader is given hints that the lady feels the same way Even so it is uite the conundrum exacerbated by the fact that the *Unsolvable Issue Which Separated Mia And Ayden Remains A ProblemThe *issue which separated Mia and Ayden emains a problemThe website gives the text of a news article about the train wreck from The Huntingdon Globe Pennsylvania dated 02 13 1856httpswwwgendisasterscommichiganChristian elementsThis book is by a Christian author While forgiveness was a major theme of the story there wasn t any preaching Rather the eader can occasionally see that the characters are Christian by the way they think and speak Below are a few uotes to give an idea She should have prayed to avoid Ayden She hadn t been to church in far too many weeks as she pursued and followed her dream She would Crime return to church this Sunday and thank the Lord for preserving her life We ve prayed and prayed for you and I knew I wasight to know God promised you d come back A couple of very well placed verses spring to Mia s mind and she contemplates the application to her life briefly Clean Yes VeryWhat I liked The writing is well edited has pleasing prose and has some nice vocabulary which always enhances my Unbroken reading experience The descriptions of how the train crash affected the stranded passengers as well as the community of Hillsdale in the week afterward seemed veryealisticI dislike love triangles as a general ule but this one is done so very plausibly and so very well It didn t bother me at all Well done Ms Eakes I love the chemistry between the hero and heroine You e too thin And you Unnatural Exposure (Kay Scarpetta, reude Now set me down How about this exchange When don t you need to work emphasis added I need to work as often as you do Professor Goswell I like that Ayden wept when he and Mia went their separate ways I Superbugs really like seeing vulnerability as opposed to merely anger in a hero What I didn t like I prefer it when Christianity shines through obviously in Christian fiction I will definitely still continue toead of Laurie Alice Eakes stories I already have paperback copies of A Necessary Deception and Heart s Safe Passage I The Black Dahlia recommend this book to fans of American historical Christianomance Originally posted on Creative Madness MamaOriginally published as The Professor s Heart from the Love Inspired Heartsong Presents line this story has been updated and I Am, I Am, I Am renamed appropriately Collision of the Heart I stumbled across this novel last week when I was looking for an eARC to download before aoad trip I know that I have always enjoyed Laurie Alice Eakes stories and thus I decided I would give this one a try From my understanding another author friend had Atlas of Science recommended the circumstances of a train wreck in Laurie Alice s home state and this was her story creation of possible events I was enchanted from page one While I may be thearity and do not see myself as much of a feminist I appreciated the desire for independence from our heroine as she struggles with her passion for esearch and journalism and her love for a local boy now man that she has grown to love over many years and their lives intertwined The story did well for our hero s perspective as well in his own struggles of moving on from the past and forward into his own new life The love triangle introduced was intriguing and for a minute or two no matter how you would like the story to complete it was interesting to imagine it another way as the plot did leave it open for a while and for possible heartbreak for a least one if not three or characters This is my first story from Waterfall Press and now I ve discovered many other favorite authors of mine have books published there as well I will have to continue to check out their future publications as they come This eview was originally posted on Creative Madness Mama I بیگانه در زمین read this on KindleUnlimited Laurie Alice Eakes never disappoints She s the author I come to when I want to escape my life and settle in for a greatomantic adventure Her characters are so deep and elatable that after you finish the book you feel like you ve made new friends and wish the story wasn t over A train wreck a kidnapped child broken hearts needing to mend a woman with a career at a time such things were frowned upon a love that was meant to be all combine to create such a vivid tale I could hardly put the book down Another excellent story by Ms Eake. E his eyes Could that eally be Mia the woman who once owned his heart emerging from the wreckage Long ago Mia and Ayden chose their careers over love But God it seems may have other plans for them. .
That I was glad to ead and *Definitely Recommend To OthersI Received This Book *recommend to othersI eceived this book Net Galley in exchange for an honest eview I never wanted to knock two heads together in my life LOL Don t you just love frustrating characters Mia and Ayden are at polar opposite ends
Of A Critical Issue 
a critical issue neither will budge And the thing is I totally got both sides and I didn t know what the ight outcome should be But it sure was fun watching them butt heads while secretly yearning to The Legends of the Jews - Volume 2 rekindle theiromance Love the tension the sense of desperation as they both struggle to merge the past and the present Delicious page turning frenzy kind of stuff And some of the best barbed comments between the covers of a book Add in an intriguing mystery and a spark of danger and you get an incredibly captivating Paradise Reconsidered in Gnostic Mythmaking readPlease note This book was originally published as The Professor s Heart by Heartsong Presents a book club I waseally hoping this book would be good since it is set in Michigan and the audiobook is narrated by one of my favorite narrators Angela Dawe though the narrator seems at home with YA books than adult books It was good though the plot focused on the Vortex (Insignia, romance than it did on the mystery and danger surrounding the toddler found without his parents I personally prefer action so my lack of enjoyment had to do with personal preference than the book itself Still I enjoyed getting a glimpse at Hillsdale College in its early years and a glimpse at a historical train wreck Such a fun freshead Mia Roper and Ayden Goswell were in love once Yet their visions for how their lives should go has collided and they split up upon their differences in a bitter way Yet their ways meet once again upon the trainwreck literally Can they ealize they are still deeply in love with each other Is love enough or is security important in lifeI Romance Christian cleanThis was of a 35 for meWhile I enjoyed this story the misunderstanding between the two main characters seemed a little forced as the novel continued Mia and Ayden were great characters though Her stubbornness and dogged determination to get a story and get it published to have her career was admirable Ayden s desire to marry her and The Misunderstanding That Led To misunderstanding that led to separation and hurts just seemed to be a little contrived although in that day and time with communications not as fast as our present day I could see how it would happen When they finally were thrown back together their past assumptions gradually come out and are esolved I enjoyed the small town setting the honest emotions of the characters the family setting and of course their honest hearts Generally a good The Bad Penny read for me Faith elements in the story that helped the characters and helped move the action along a bitIeceived a copy from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest The Awakening (Graveyard Queen review What a great book I love the cover I love the characters and I love the plausibility of the lost love scenario I was only 50% of the way through when Iecommended it to a GR friend with confidence Collision of the Heart 2016 Waterfall Press by Laurie Alice Eakes is a Christian historical Chemistry romance with just a touch of suspense at the halfway point set in Hillsdale Michigan in 1856 This was previously published under the title The Professor s Heart 2013 Heartsong Presents The author s website says that it has since undergone author and editorial additions and improvements I m so glad Ms Eakes was able to get itepublished I chose it as my monthly Kindle Unlimited book because I previously enjoyed Lady in the Mist and two others by Ms Eakes Each one was a 4 or 5 star book for me That firmly puts her on my favorite authors list Rating 5 starsThe heroine Euphemia Roper 26 left Hillsdale eighteen months ago Mia as she is called has been commissioned to write an article about Hillsdale College because it s one of a handful of colleges in the nation that allow women to take classes and earn degrees alongside the men She is currently a freelancing journalist but if she successfully writes the two articles she has planned Mia will score a permanent position at her periodical She decides it s worth the isk of seeing the man who broke her heart a couple of years ago But she somewhat naively plans to avoid him completely However the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry Not too far from Hillsdale her train collides with another coming from the opposite direction Interestingly enough this is a true historical event which occurred in Ms Eake s native state Regardless of her own injury Mia finds herself helping one passenger after another in various ways as the other passengers take turns jumping off the train She s very level headed and knows that calm would accomplish than panic The hero Ayden Gos. Michigan the town she once called home Mia begins to wonder if she made the ight choice to leave Hillsdale and her true love behind Rescuing injured passengers Professor Ayden Goswell can't believ. .
The Professor's Heart

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