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As he and editor but they are interesting and relevant Trump says to Leslie Stahl regarding his attack on the media I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you This is direct attack on the freedom of the press Luckily for us there are still reporters that believe in the truth and fight the lies to bring it to all of us well at least those of us that are interested in the truth Thank you Mr Downie Jr for all your HARD WORK AND YOUR EFFORTS AT work and your efforts at and then ultimately sharing your birds eye view to the truth something we see little of today Well done I read this book at a time when I was also reading a lot of newspapers and also feeling like what is the point of reading this crap The book sets out a good timeline of the demimse of journalism in the United States paralleling it with the rise in corporate take over of our news companies I hope that this book would be read in the future as it is a good eye opener and clear acknowlegement of the affects of the for profit era that everyone mine and my parents age has been living through our entire lives I have recomended this book to a few folks and have already given away my own personal copy of it that was given to me by my favorite professor This was much better than I thought it was going to be and a behind the scenes look into a well nown newspaper that has been around a long time The author has been fascinated with news and journalism hos whole life and was lucky to get a job as an intern during his senior year of high school Unlike some newspapers and columnists that share false news Downie strives to share nothing but the truth even if it angers his boss and coworkersThis had great insight into the journalism world and that it isn t as easy it looks I appreciate the candor and honesty the author shares about his beloved career I felt like I was along for the entire ride Absolutely fascinating and a different ind of read for me I hope he writes because I would read itThanks to Netgalley the author and publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewAvailable 92220 Leonard Downie Jr at 22 years of age in 1964 who also was a recent graduate of Ohio State lands an intern position at the Washington Post In the 44 years that he spent there he worked his way up from intern to executive editor a position that he held for 16 to 17 years During those 16 years the paper under his direction was awarded 25 Pulitzer prizesWhile working early on at the Post he was instrumental in bringing back investigative journalism and doing it in his early twenty s Reporting on subjects like a shoddy court system around Washington DC people getting swindled on home improvements and crooked mortgaging companies He gave a voice to the voiceless He did this with a belief that personal opinions had a place only on the editorial page Whether you grew up during this time or you want to look back on subjects from the past 40 or 50 years from the view point of prominent newspaper as the Washington Post on subjects as past 40 or 50 years from the view point of prominent newspaper as the Washington Post on subjects as Vietnam war Watergate Carter administration and the hostages in Iran Reagan presidency Margert Thatcher England and the IRA Weapons of mass destruction and the investigations of Clintons on various issues you will like this book I thought it was interesting how many time the person nown as Deepthroat was almost revealed This book took a little bit of time to get through but it was a very informative read Thank you to Perseus Books and Netgalley for an ARC for a fair and honest review Really enjoyed this history lesson on both newspapers and television news It s a bit dated AOL is described as an internet upstartbut that is to be expected on a book like this which is essentially a snapshot of the news industry in the early 2000s September 11 is mentioned freuently both for the coverage and for its potential as a turning point for the industry Alas I really appreciated the insights on the news industry for television a topic I m not familiar with It swell researched with many interviews from a variety of news professionals The authors clearly outline what went wrong and how from a news standpoint the industry could get back on track The solution is only a partial one again this was written before the Internet became as ubiuitous as it is Essentially it calls for going back to journalistic standards of reporting what is news not necessarily what will generate the most clicks The pitfalls of the later are well outlined for example the perception that violent crime is rampant Despite it s dated nature I d recommend this to anyone in the industry or anyone curious about the news industry. Ts chronicle an erosion of independent relevant journalism In the process they make clear why incorruptible reporting is crucial to American society Rooted in interviews and first hand accounts the authors take us inside the politically charged world of one of America’s powerful institutions the med. This book seems uaint now It was written during a time when the possibility of newspapers and traditional journalism might still have a viable long term future it has been or less overshadowed by web technology and the change that wrought in information sharing Still an interesting look at what made news gathering different than other sources of writing and entertainment but I m not sure it has a whole lot of prescriptive value any All About the Story is Leonard Downie Jr s memoir of his decades at the Washington Post The book is set in chronological order with the chapters being major book is set in chronological order with the chapters being major since the 1960s He covers from his time in college getting his first real experience publishing a paper all the way through his consulting on the movie The Post This time hits major news stories like Watergate the Clinton Scanal September 11th the war in Ira and related stories Downie spends the book talking about what went into the decisions to publish or not publish something and where attention could have been placed In the lead up to the Clinton Scandal chapter Downie discusses the Post s reporting on Gary Hart in 1987 and how those decisions changed what is acceptable to report about a person s private life and what is not After that reporting there were other politicians who lost their positions due to infidelity stories allowing the idea that we can and should investigate someone for being unfaithful to their spouse and that this is something that we as the public get to have a say in While Downie does not say that this reporting was wrong he does address his lack of interest in putting the stories the Post wrote about the WMD evidence before the invasion of Ira on the front page a mistake He regrets putting them inside and I guess feels that if they had been on the front page they could have impacted DECISION TO ALLOW THE WAR decision to allow the war scary thing with these examples that we are all human and make decisions but in the case of the executive editor of the newspaper like the Post the decision can have wide ranging and lasting impactsI very much enjoyed the first half of the book I think because I was not around for those events so reading about Watergate and Jonestown were interesting But from the Clinton s onward I found them less compelling because I lived through those stories and all of the media coverage The Post was even my local paper from 2002 through 2010 so I new what their coverage of Ira wasAt this time when all forms of media are being attacked it was good to read a book about some of the great stories and accomplishments of journalism in the 20th century It reminds us of what investigative journalism and why it is important An American rapper Young Thug said We need money We need hits Hits bring money money bring power power bring fame fame change the game That s the way it was with The News About The News by Leonard Downie Jr and Robert G KaiserNewspapers rise and fall but the New York Times Washington Post and Wall Street Journal continue to prevail Mom and pop newspapers of the past that did so well have given way to chains like Gannett and Knight Ridder From the early 1960 s to the 2000 s there have been cutbacks in staff and coverage of major stories News has given way to entertainment commentary and fluff And the line of what s news has been blurredThe same is true of television Anchors Tom Brokaw of NBC Peter Jennings of ABC and Dan Rather of CBS are all not happy with the uality of news delivered to the public This downward trend has been noticed since the passing of broadcasting Golden Age when networks had bureaus in major capitals of the world But now even the local TV stations are struggling with formats that focus on headlines accidents crime weather traffic reports happy talk and entertainment pieces If it bleeds it leads The coming of mass media s New Technologies has further complicated matters Although these have resulted in a greater diversity of channels news coverage with ENG communications satellites cable networks and Internet services there s still exists uncertainty Large and traditional media audiences of newspapers magazines TV and radio have given way to less lucrative forms of news and information Existing today is a multiplicity of niche audiences that are greatly impacting traditional ways of advertising What this will mean to the existing traditional media systems is still debatable Many of these media have incorporated Internet Websites but are still to determine how these ventures could be profitableYet Downie Jr and Kaiser explained how the terrorists attacks of September 11 2001 pumped new life into print and electronic news coverage But it was speculated Freedom of the press is a primary American value Good journalism builds communities arms citizens with important information and serves as a public watchdog for civic national and global issues But what happens when the news turns its back on its public role Leonard Downie Jr executive editor of The

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Hat this might not necessarily Mean That The Spiraling Downward that the spiraling downward journalism had stopped But it could well be that the mass media would begin to give attention to foreign news and not focused on predominately local events of crime accidents celebrities weather reports and natural disasters At a time when the role of journalism is especially critical the former executive editor of the Washington Post writes about his nearly 50 years at the newspaper and the importance of getting at the truthBeginning with his internship to his pioneering investigative reporting and where the world of journalism is today was uite intriguingThe insight Leonard was able to provide readers was invaluable as we now approach the fake news era and lack of truth and transparency with media playing the role of opinionated rather than factual based reportersSadly my own local news has been selling this propaganda in controlling the narrative and allowing this hatred and anger to fester in the minds of its viewers Or as noted Partisan media dispense malicious propaganda disguised as news Local newspapers shrinking and dying across the country as rapacious hedge funds buy many of those still standing and drain their remaining assetsIncreasing numbers of authoritarian regimes around the world are preventing their citizens from nowing the truth A worrying proportion of American politics and media figures appear to be trying to do same thing hereFor journalists it is than ever all about the story getting it straight and making a differenceWe cannot continue down this path of mixing opinion with facts and blurring the lines of truth v liesIt s the job of every journalist and reporter to get the facts to produce the truth to give an unbiased story and to be fair and impartial in providing such information for its viewing audienceI refuse to watch the local news for this reason and now only get tidbits that I come across online via scrolling sites like Twitter or FacebookRarely do I offer an opinion because if it goes against the grain the trolls bots and supporters of such insanity come out in full force and I spend time than I care too having to block them allIt s sad that the rule of force is causing many ualified intellectuals to cower and hide because of fear of such retaliation and threats not to mention the buying off for silence articlesMy word what has our world come too We are no better than the third world countries and this level of corruption and lack of transparency from the GOP and others in highest offices is going against everything our democracy stands forAmericans deserve better Please continue to do your jobs and provide Americans the truth We have a right to Picture Theory know Thanks to Netgalley and PublicAffairs for giving me the chance to read Len Downie s upcoming memoir Typically I am not a fan of the memoir genre but I have a huge fascination for all things journalism and especially the Washington Post so this caught my eye I must say I was not familiar with Len Downie I onlynew of other Washington Post editors from movies All the President s Men The Post Spotlight Downie s stories were fascinating and gave a great look at the decisions and stresses going on in the newsroom The Book Was Also A Fantastic Recent History Lesson Covering book was also a fantastic recent history lesson covering the 1968 MLK assassination through the Afghanistan and Ira wars I highly recommend this title We were not motivated by personal or institutional bias We were pursuing the truth however imperfectly at times and holding the powerful accountable not propagating fake news What a foreign concept to the way news is reported today This was a really great book about specific eye witness experiences of historical events I was held captive by details and the lengths the journalists and editors at The Washington Post went through to tell the stories in order to get it right The hubris of the people involved at the highest levels in our government continue to be their downfall and yet another with lofty goals and ideas believes this time they will have better luck It was and is the responsibility of the press to hold them accountable and get to the truth When we hear fake news it is should be a red flag to us all that we are about to be treated to smoke and mirrors and misdirection These are the times we should be looking closely as shown in this book The parallels between Trump and Nixon are eerie I remember Hilary Clinton s anger at negative reporting about their actions past and during their time in the White House and calling it a right wing conspiracy It was the first time I ever heard that phrase I was especially interested in the afterward about Trump Even though he was not a reporter nor Ashington Post and Robert G Kaiser associate editor and senior correspondent report on a growing crisis in American journalism From the corporatization that leads media moguls to slash content for profit to newsrooms that ignore global crises to report on personal entertainment these veteran journalis. 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