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R sense of how time works on old friendships and relationships this is one of my and relationships This is one of my favorite books When I wish to be caught up in a time that only existed for a fragile moment in he Who Is Esau-Edom? lives of a select group this is one of the best to capture the experience and anguish of joy sorrowove Gutter Kisses and a Hug on Garbage Day laughter andonging all in one 0ther books that have the same effect for me are The Best of Families by Ellen Berlin and Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy I think at My Name Is River least one of these is probably due for a re read soon Very good novel This is a grand sweeping epic that is reminiscent of the style of novels that were big in the 1970 s Nostalgic soapy melodramatic stories that seemed to be the norm This one stands out as one of the best from that period Tells the story of five friends from Harvard in 1940 and we see how theirives and oves play out through the second world war years and beyond The novel incorporates wonderful old big band songs into the story which really helps to set the time and places In The NovelI Really Enjoyed the novelI really enjoyed middle third of this book and I believe it to be the strongest part of the novel The first third was a bit over the top dialogue wise All that snobby and pretentious Ivy eague crap Old chum old chap old stick Grog o Wog o Trog o sheesh I would be surprised if people actually spoke that way Overall I enjoyed Grog o Wog o Trog o sheesh I would be surprised if people actually spoke that way Overall I enjoyed novel and I swear if I istened hard enough I could hear the big band sounds of Glenn Miller in the distance4 stars out of 5 I never understood my dad until I read this book This book so completely makes you feel a part of the whole pre WWII generation and the music that kept them going despite the great depressionHIGHLY recommended. Loyalty to a ost dream of Camelot of grace and style in the decades that followed The Last Convertible is a gripping tribute to a way of iving that immortalized the Greatest Generatio.

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The Last Convertible

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I ve read by Anton Myrer several times and have thoroughly enjoyed it every time I ve just added it to my all time favorites The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) list It tells the story of 5 Harvard men and the women theyoved in the carefree years Please Dont Tickle The Tiger leading up to World War II where their biggest worries where the next dance of the Big Band Sounds of those days would be and who would be driving the huge beautiful Packard convertible they called The Empress Theirives are turned upside down with the beginning of WWII It is a wonderful tale Not as razor sharp as Myrer s war critiue Once an Eagle but still an interesting MTIV look both at the WWII generation and the progression ofife from idealistic youth to realistic middle age It just barely avoids being soapy in places but is enjoyable from beginning to end Anton Myrer creates masterful character development in his novel revolving around Harvard students WWII and ensuing family years filled with ove grief and personality conflicts Following the book s title a classic four door green ate 1930 s Packard convertible nicknamed Empress is featured throughout the book providing transportation for dates football games Boston s Back Bay as well as memorable jaunts to Nauset Beach on Cape Cod 2014 You can t go home again or at east not always I do so ove this book but this time through the central device struck me as a always I do so Silk and Steel love this book but this time through the central device struck me as a shopworn the ending rushed and annoying from the standpoint that these characters are summing up theirives and they are younger at the end of the book than I am now But the achingly nostalgic tone the homage to the music of the protagonist s adolescence that car oh that car all of that still works for me and will keep me coming back. Anton Myrer's beloved bestselling novel of America's World War II generation is as powerful now as it was upon its publication An immediate classic it tells the story of five Harvard men. Again and again 2009 I tried this time to read this book analytically to figure out why it means so much to me why it ooms so arge in my head I don t know that I have a rational answer the protagonist is a Puritan bound by duty and hampered by unnecessary suffering His wife IS PRESENTED AS COMPLETELY UNLIKEABLE A MARTINET AND A presented as completely unlikeable a martinet and a Really there aren t a ot of characters here with whom I can identify even a ittle bit but it doesn t matter Somehow for me this novel exemplifies a generation It explains things to me about World War Two about the People Who Were Caught Up who were caught up it and changed by it and how the sixties were born It s a huge sweeping portrait of a time that seems golden in retrospect I adore it still I ADORE this book One of my all time favourites I even found a hard copy version in an old bookstore on Cape Cod Couldn t get perfect Such a good story such good characters oh how I wanted that car And would have taken Dal as wellhe was the best Wonderful book The Greatest Generation from pre war college days to post war readjustment trying to make up for time ost and friends Miracles in Unexpected Places lost finishing school jobs marriage kids A very personal yet sweeping view of the war the homefront swing and friendships seen through a small group of college buddies thrown together torn apart and thrown together again all held together by memories and a beautiful old Packard convertible called The Empress Makes you want to mix a stinger andisten to Glen Miller I m not sure how many years ago I read this but it was passed around the office and everyone Entdeckungsreise nach Tahiti und in die Südsee 1772-1775 loved it including me However I didn t relate to it in the same way as I m sure I would now now that I m older and have a greate. The women theyoved and the elegant car that came to symbolize their romantic youth It is also the story of their coming of age in the dark days of World War II and of their unshakable. .