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The Time It Never Rained jAwdy Bourbon Court where she had thrived on petty intrigue and decadence until the peasantry began chopping off heads This from dotty Aunt AnabelThat last one was my personal favorite Honestly I defy any author to pack a better character sketch into a single sentenceThis book is a crazy mix of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde stirred up in a cocktail shaker with a shot of Monty Python thrown in for good measure I wish I could be a British citizen forust today so I could say this is bloody brilliant with some measure of authenticity Written May 27 20144 12 Stars A lovely hilarious fun historical tall taleA 15 hrs audiobook narrated by Sue Pitkin The promising book blurb Includes an OCD Duke a fiery heroine mistaken identities errant livestock pompadours drunken declarations a touch of smex and enough witty banter to sink a ship I m impressed Well done Simply great The Duke s Holiday is Maggie Fenton s first HR and there are a lot of happy reviews Should be amusing fun and a historical in the light genre And it was Woot But did she like him Yes she suspected she did ust a little bitNot that Montford was a devil Far from it He was a bit of a prude really He d actually blushed when she d come across him in the river He was no doubt the sort to drape fig leaves over statuary to preserve their modesty Although when he kissed her Cyril Halbert Algernon Monk the Duke of Montford a powerful stiff man that wants things the way he wants them and he always gets what he wants The Duke now wants what s rightly belong to him the old Yorkshire estate Astrid Honeywell a tough young 26 years old miss who has struggled for years to keep her family together by running the estate the crooked castle Gretna Green and the family brewery after her father s death Astrid can t accept an antiuated contract that says a tyrannical London Duke now again has the right to her family s home and brewery This will be short and simple Gosh I ll not even try to explain what s happening here Just hang on not a boring or tedious minute Full speed and adventurous It sparkled between these two enemies to lovers at once Would he kiss her again That was her concern Would he kiss her again in public Or Oh God She d ust thought of something even worse What if he should kiss someone else And then she thought of something even worse than that Why did she care if he kissed someone else So much fun a chuckle storyI have only praise for this wonderful story In my opinion the best kind of historical romance So much fun so much comedic entanglements and outrageously wonderful characters Sweet romantic and a piece of heat and steam Looking forward to romances from this writer Next part in this The Regency Romp Trilogy will be an auto buy in October 2015 I ust want to know about these men and the women they choose A very good narrator and audiobook edition as well Recommended for HR lovers I LIKE YES yes I do Added to my audio app in May 2015 From For Just 2015 from for ust incl a kindle ebook copy 45 starsA stuffy uptight duke with than a touch of OCD meets his match in a liberated hard working bluestocking who speaks her mind Aloysius Honeywell #is dead Your GraceWith this unexpected news Cyril Halbert Algernon Monk eleventh Duke of Montford despatches his man of affairs to #dead Your GraceWith this unexpected news Cyril Halbert Algernon Monk eleventh Duke of Montford despatches his man of affairs to Hall to make certain Aloysius Honeywell has indeed passed away And to make enuiries of the A Honeywell who has been moonlighting as Aloysius Honeywell via their correspondence The Honeywells and the Montfords have had a long running dispute dating back nearly two centuries ever since a contract allowed the Honeywells to become the proprietary tenants of one of the Montford estates in Yorkshire With no direct male heir the present Honeywells no longer have any claim to the estateWhen several weeks pass and the Duke of Montford does not hear back from his man of affairs he decides to take matters into his own hands Arriving in Yorkshire Montford is met with a number of A Honeywells However it is Miss Astrid Honeywell the eldest daughter and manager of the estate and the family s Honeywell Ale Brewery who catches the duke s eyeThis is my second reading of The Duke s Holiday a brilliant combination of historical romance and sparkling comedy Previously self published the story is due to be reissued with MontlakeReaders looking for complete historical accuracy may be disappointed A duke running in a village footrace seems highly unlikely But this is one of those well written and very funny historicals that despite the anachronisms still manages to toe the line between implausible and funWell written and humorous historical romances in a similar vein that I have enjoyed include The Duke s Tattoo A Regency Romance of Love and Revenge Though Not in That Order by Miranda Davis The Baron s Betrothal An On Again Off Again On Again Regency Romance by Miranda Davis A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa DareThere are a host of secondary characters that round out this delightfully unexpected read The duke has two friends whose stories make up the The Regency Romp Trilogy which out this delightfully unexpected read The duke has two friends whose stories make up the The Regency Romp Trilogy which m looking forward to reading For fans of historical romance who enjoy great romantic comedies Highly recommendedSteam 25 ARC courtesy of Montlake via NetGalle. A very proper very demure fiancée waiting for him back in London after all But when Astrid is kidnapped by a disgruntled suitor and whisked off to Gretna Green Montford will do anything to get her back Will these two drive each other to Bedlam or can they make it to the altar without killing each other Includes an OCD Duke a fiery heroine mistaken identities errant livestock pompadours drunken declarations a touch of smex and enough witty banter to sink a ship NOTE This is a sexy historical romance Recommended for 18 due to adult conten. .


Sorry Call me a wet blanket but I m probably not going to finish this book Not liking the heroine Astrid Not too crazy about the Duke either Definitely not my kind of comedy Slapstick Petunia the pig got too much coverage already at only 25% into the book DNF 32%I hate to stop but it wasn t turning around for me I think I was put off by the very beginning where the Duke hates his name Cyril Algenon It seemed too much of a modern sensibility I would have understood if his name was common like Joe or Bob but it wasn t I basically stopped when the dislike of his name became a relavent plot point with a horse named Cyril It was ust too much I think it was trying to be too funny or too many types of funny Like the Three Stooges and the Importance of Being Earnest rolled into oneThe heroine was a pathological liar and I didn t warm to her She insisted on lying when the truth clearly would serve better The Duke was too stiff and boring I could have eventually liked him maybe but it s doubtfulI dunno maybe I wasn t in the mood but I tried unsuccessfully twice and that s plenty 4 got me in a happy mood STARS The perfect novel to make you smile and fall in love JUST PERFECTYou ever feel like escaping those intense or dark reads Well this is the read for you It was absolutely hysterical It made me smile chuckle and at times had me on the floor rolling around Trust me this novel will put the whammy on youThis was a brilliant historical romantic comedy Mix in a spirited and strong willed Astrid Honeywell and an attractive Duke Montford who has no idea what he is getting into and you will instantly love this readAstrid and Montford suited each other so well it was a match made in heaven When someone can handle a whole lot of crazy the chemistry is definitely alive He couldn t be near her She made him do crazy things You wouldn t believe half the craziness that goes in this novel It will catch you so unaware you will double over in laughterThis novel sure lived up to its sexiness in all ways possible I definitely recommend this to any reader of any genre Superb ARC kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Stars ust some polishing on the writing and we re there straight to the moon and beyond Paraphrasing the introductions each chapter begins with this charming and endearing romance could have been titled In which the Duke discovers that True Love thrives on Imperfectionsor In which the Duke discovers that through allowing some asymmetries life and the world might show nicer perspectives And while the duke lets go of starchy cravats and perfectly aligned snuffboxes in order to fall in love with the heroine and finally see beauty in chaos and mayhem too I the reader fell in love both with the characters and a little bit with the idea of love all over againA contended inheritance consisting of a crumbling Yorkshire castle with attached brewery and a centuries old family feud prompt the Duke of Montford of the many embarrassing names and the most fastidious nature by his own admission to take the Great North Road Those detestable Honeywells are as usual up to something fishy and it s time once and for all to make them understand who s going to call the shots from now on Leaving his rigidly organized life and a fianc e of convenience behind he sets himself on resolving the plaguing situation in the span of a blitz like holiday to return as soon as possible to what he thinks he needs most But on arriving #at destination what his mind refuses to acknowledge at first his heart recognizes #destination what his mind #refuses to acknowledge at first his heart recognizes #to acknowledge at first his heart recognizes that strange as it may be his salvation from eternal unhappiness has the semblances of a giant male pig named Petunia a pre 1789 Versailles dotty aunt with dead poodle like wigs vile plebeian swills messy libraries rumpled clothes and above all Miss Astrid Honeywell s mismatched eyes one brown and one blue the earth the sky and everything in betweenCheck your historical accuracy radar at the door get in the right mood and enjoy the ride Pedantic tantrums would be out of place here and uite pointless This is one of those cases where the author shows the rare ability to not taking the story too seriously without losing an iota of intelligent humour A uirky and smart narrative that doesn t know dull moments a smoothly ticking comical pace spontaneous sensuality and bubbly banters complete the picture Yes the language is often anachronistic Yes most of the characters behaviours are implausible for the time period Yes the details of the historical setting verge on the wallpaper ish end of the spectrum And yet and yet the author has nailed a important aspect I think which ascribes to the roots of the Regency genre itself if the form is modern in tone style and content that typical essential and magical bond between romanticism and farce is there and it makes for a totally enjoyable rompImpatiently waiting the next in the series This was my recommended read for September s TBR Challenge entry It s a very long review so be warned But many of my friends here really loved this book and I didn t so I felt compelled to go into detail about why it didn t work for meAs I was writing the review I revised my grade so I m going with a D25 starsThe Duke s Holiday is a light hearted romp the cover even boasts that. Book One in The Regency Romp Trilogy The Duke of Montford cold precise and powerful than the Prince Regent himself wants things the way he wants them cross referenced indexed and at his beck and call And he always gets what he wants Until he meets Astrid Honeywell And a giant pig And a crooked castle in the middle of Yorkshire Astrid Honeywell staunch bluestocking has struggled for years to keep her family together by running the estate and family brewery after her father's death She is not about to let the tyrannical Duke of Montford st. It s part of the author s Regency Romp series ust in case I hadn t realised in which a very handsome very rich very proper very aloof and very lonely duke although he doesn t actually admit the lonely part of course has his comfortable and orderly existence completely overturned when he travels to Yorkshire in order to investigate the goings on at one of his properties thereCyril Duke of Montford and yes he s been given a very un romantic hero like name on purpose likes everything to be Just So His pens have to be lined up in a certain way his boot tassels must face one way and not another and at meals no food on his plate can be allowed to touch another food The book synopsis indicates he has OCD and clearly this is what the author is getting at but at the risk of being a party pooper I used to know someone with OCD and it wasn t uite like thatBut anyway Dramatic licenseThe duke dislikes travelling immensely but circumstances conspire to force him to travel to Rylestone in Yorkshire an estate he owns but which has been inhabited for the last two hundred years by the Honeywell family whose principal occupation is the manufacture of the popular and rather splendid Honeywell Ale There is some kind of family feud dating back a couple of centuries too which I imagine is supposed to prime the reader for the ensuing conflictThe story is a simple one Astrid wants to get rid of the duke as soon as possible He is immediately aware that all is not as it should be and wants to know what s going on Astrid tries to pull the wool over his eyes several times and discovers he s much canny than she d given him credit for And all the while the pair are fighting a reluctant attraction The author manages that part of the story uite well the sexual tension bubbles along nicely although the sex scenes themselves are nothing special view spoilerSeriously what is it with sex scenes on horseback Or in this case a not uite sex scene on horseback Okay so let s be blunt here a scene involving mutual masturbation in which the hero comes in his trousers the moist warmth seeps through his breeches on horseback I presume the entire point of that was because the author thought it would be funny to have him fall off the horse because as in the way of all men he falls asleep after having an orgasmEr no it isn t hide spoiler There are times I love to escape with a fun light romance and The Duke s Holiday fit the bill perfectly Maggie Fenton has produced a Regency romp that s filled with uirky lovable characters witty banter and enough slap stick humor guaranteed to produce many laugh out loud moments A sexy Romantic Comedy featuring a sinfully delicious Duke and a feisty outspoken heroine Loved it 35 starsAt times VERY good at times I was scratching my head this book pretty much defines uneven for me The narration swung from expressive and fabulous to WTF is that voice I swear some of the male side characters sounded like my 90 year old grandma The historical aspects of the book #Have Had Great Liberties #had great liberties with them I liked the chemistry between the MCs and the sort of obsessive nature of the male MC but the story dragged in odd places and the plot was out there Overall I enjoyed this one I think STRAIGHT TO MY KEEPER SHELF and I m very picky about that shelfLet me start with the two things I did not like about this book1 I had things to do over the last day and a half Laundry Cleaning my kitchen Making my family dinner And none of that got done because of this novel 2 I too am a debut author of Regency romance with a book Once Upon A Wager out this week And I really liked my book until I read this one Here is
the bald truth 
bald truth you buy only one book today it should not be mine It should be The Duke s Holiday because it is a laugh out loud frolicking fun fest Ms Fenton has crafted a completely original and unpredictable story Her hero Lord Cyril Montford starts out as one of the biggest prigs to ever grace the Regency stage He has OCD faints at the sight of blood and vomits every time he gets into a carriage although he has a heartrendingly good excuse Her heroine Astrid Honeywell is utterly completely hideous with ungodly eyes and horrible spots and that s uoting Cyril Yet by the end of the story I loved them both dearly Layer by layer they become complex insecure and humanAnd the story surrounding them was ust hilarious Any author who can seamlessly interject the word codswallop into their work has a gift so I will let Ms Fenton s words speak for themselves Here are few of my favorite uotesIt is one thing to read scandalous verse uite another to disguise it behind lofty pretense Thomas More indeed Cyril upon finding a racy tract Astrid had tucked into a book by you guessed it Thomas MoreHis eyes surveyed her as he would some rare species of poisoned faunaOh Godshe was about to become the hapless heroine in her own personal melodrama Astrid upon being abductedThe vicar was a stutterer It made Sunday mornings a true test of Christian fortitudeHis hands fell away and he stepped back out of the circle of her skirts and #the heat of her body It was like stepping out of #heat of her body It was like stepping out of enchantment This is a romance after allA bounder of a French aristocrat had picked her up in Marseilles where she d washed ashore and introduced her to the Eal away all she has worked for because of some antiuated contract between their families So when the priggish Duke comes to call she does everything in her power including setting the family pig on him to drive him away She didn't expect him to be so well infuriatingly attractive Every time he scowls at her she has the most improper desire to kiss him and a whole lot Montford can't decide whether to strangle Astrid or seduce her The one thing he knows for a fact is that he must resist his powerful attraction for her at all costs He has.
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