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No PasaránNot the of No Man s Land but a evealing collection of essays on the Spanish Civil Although including from both sides of conflict as if one could Hope esignation despair sadness humor confusion Liar, Liar ruthlessness compassion kindness generosity and love inhabit Pete Ayrton's anthology of writings from the Spanish Civil War there is little sense of triumphalism among the bewilderingly diverse Republican and Nationalist coalitions all shades of which areepresented herePrevious collections privileged the writings of the International Brigades over those of the Spa. .

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Implify it to that extent there are accounts of the Republican s triumphs few tragedies and privations The book does however convey the chaos fickleness and grimness of. Nish sometimes excluding them altogether No Pasarán corrects
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balance by the largest contingent of its thirty five writers are Spanish including Luis Bunuel Manuel Rivas Javier Cercas Arturo Barea "Joan Sales And Chaves Nogales The Other Writers Offer Contrasting "Sales and Chaves Nogales The other writers offer contrasting of participants in the conflict from America among John Dos Passos Muriel Rukeyser and Langston Hughes; Curzio Malaparte This oft forgotten conflict that took place in the shadow of the Nazis bid for global hegemony A poignant and moving set of essays and stories from the Spanish Civil Wa. Nd Leonardo Sciascia; France Jean Paul Sartre and André Malraux; Germany Gustav Regler; Russian Victor Serge Great Britain including Arthur Koestler George Orwell and Laurie Lee Cuba ARGENTINA AND MEXICOACCLAIMED EDITOR PETE AYRTON BRINGS TOGETHER HAUNTINGLY and MexicoAcclaimed editor Pete Ayrton brings together hauntingly stories from a bitterly fought war This is writing of a high order that allows
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reader to life from the front lines of this momentous confli.