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S than two minutes #ago and I couldn

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tell you a single poem #and I couldn t tell you about a single poem were passages that were nice and even parts I would say were genuinely excellent in how words Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard fit together in new and unexpected ways but it just doesn t really say anything Or that is I m sure it does try and I m sure there was an intent behind every single one of them but it s all buried so deep that it s near impossible to get to I could see this going down well at a slam poetry night but that s about it Definitely notor me This poetry collection was very confusing to me but maybe that s because I read it at 2 in the mornin. Unstable property lines here rove The Matriarchs (The Family from heaven to hell troubling proportion and upsetting propriety in the name of unfathomable propagation Are all the gates in this bookolly Are the walls too easily scaled to hold anything back or impose self confinement What won't a poem do to get to the other side From the Trade Paperback editi. S in the air to keep me attentive There were some lovely moments #But I Found Myself #I Notes for the Everlost found myself through instead of simmering on the language of these rather collouial poems There is some good work here just not myavorite Periodically I paused and thought surely I must give up writing now This is such a prime example of why people don t tend to think much of postmodern poetry sort of pretty but ultimately utterly orgettable Sure you don t have to to think much of postmodern poetry sort of pretty but Ultimately Utterly Forgettable Sure utterly orgettable Sure don t have to metres or rhyme or anything else to write poetry not really but you do need to be able to evoke something in people Well I literally put this down les. Rgent and deeply imperiled boundary dispute where haunting illusion the presence of the past and disembodied voices only urther unsettle uestions of material and spiritual possession This is a theatrical book of dilapidated houses and overgrown gardens of passageways and thresholds edges prosceniums unearthings and root systems The. Goodreads is showing that this book is to #be published in three days however i was #published in three days however I was to read it tonight at my local Barnes and Noble Dreamy melodic and lush the blending of mythos Clytemnestra and Grendel s Mother as examples with the myths of capitalism Pepsi Co and Kindle as other examples create a dynamic mixing of everyday realities This collection of poetry eatures a collection of non rhyming poems some of which stretch over a multiple of pages Topics include deer hunting Crush It! flu season a chairlowers Attracting Birds to Your Backyard food and others I often love a long meditative poem but some of these didn t have enough ball. A new bookrom a poet whose work is wild WITH IMAGINATION UNAFRAID AMBITIOUS INVENTIVE JORIE imagination unafraid ambitious inventive Jorie in a menacing gothic landscape the poems that comprise A Woman of Property draw ormal and imaginative boundaries against boundless mortal threat but as all borders ARE VULNERABLE THIS OMINOUS COLLECTION ULTIMATELY STAGES AN vulnerable this ominous collection ultimately stages an A Woman of Property

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