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Mastered (The Enforcers, eUblic areas like pubs barnstc I liked this one but thought it was a little long I kind of got a little bored towards the nd The romance was okay I liked Prudence but was also kind of sad that she felt like she had to change to win Lord Sayer Personally I agreed with her morals Lord like she had to change to win Lord Sayer Personally I agreed with her morals Lord was a total rake I did like that being dead showed him how mpty that kind of lifestyle was and how not only seeing how little people missed him but Prudences goodness really changed him The mystery little people missed him but Prudences goodness really changed him The mystery okay I again thought it started to drag on a bit It was Alter Ego entertaining though Content Clean No bedroom scenes but does have innuendo including mistresses And one side character is hinted at being gay There might have been a bit of swearing I can t remember A ghost who happens to be very real and uite the rake That s Lord SayerHistorical romances can be hit or miss for me I don t know the historynough to know if the details are correct and I d rather have the story take me away I d never read anything by Cindy Holbrok so when I saw this book and there was a cat on the cover I had to pick it up I was intrigued by the premise He s pretending to be dead in order to prove someone wanted to murder him Okay I can go along with that Prudence who is sort of family is the only one who can figure out if he s truly been almost murderedI had to admit this one was a tad slow in spots I put it down and had a hard time coming back to it I guess it s because it seemed to drag I wasn t as caught up in the characters as I might have liked It s nearly four hundred pagesPrudence could be a bit of a prude but I rather liked her lack of xperience and her getting flustered when she nded up in compromising situations It was cute Lord SayerI m still not sure how I feel about his character I liked that he wanted to find the person who wanted to murder him He had money and the family didn t like how he spent it But he tended to get xtreme with his strolls at midnight and his mood swings were a little much for me I also had a hard time with the way the cat was treated He isn t hurt but it just wasn t my thingThat said there is some amusing romance in this book and the mystery was different I didn t figure it and the mystery was different I didn t figure it until revealed at the nd so there s thatIf you want a historical romance that s got some mystery and a super slow burn then this might be the one for yo. Ng to have passed on so he could unmask his would be murderer Now he had just stolen a kiss and reuested Prudence to host a séance Dare she trust this rogue who was far from what he seemed Could a spirited scoundrel properly woo her Perhaps with a little faith a lot of love and maybe some helpfrom the other si. I really Unseen City enjoyed this one It was full of fun characters had a bit of a mystery ghosts real and not so real a very fun older woman character Aunt Seraphina who just KNEW the lobster salad was going to be VERY crunchy LOLand a nice love story It wasverything I njoy in some light reading to pass a stormy day This novel was a lot of fun It kind of reminded me of the off beat comedic mysteries like a Fish Called Wanda and the beat comedic mysteries like a Fish Called Wanda and the The characters were amusing and the plot light A clean read and doesn t rely on the typical bodice ripper devices and is pure storytelling Lots of twists and turns A lot of madcap characters and veryone is a suspect as to who would kill Lord Sayer However the part that couldn t be smoothed over for me is when they were in London how Sayer could have been spotted or discovered At his God Is in the Crowd estate sure no problem but in his townhousemmmnot soasy to hide A fun read all the same LOVED IT Thank you Goodreads Thank you If it weren t for these 2 websites I would have missed so many great books like this oneI devoured this book It was so ntertaining It is the kind of Regency romance I books like this oneI devoured this book It was so ntertaining It is the kind of Regency romance I to read cuz there is actually a the kind of Regency romance I love to read cuz there is actually a the characters have personalities there are clever situations the romance is believable and cleanSo to describe the positive things Prudence oh boy the last Regency I read Dangerous by Amanda uick has a heroine named Prudence So the first pages I visualized this Prudence as the other Prudence until I found out pleasantly that these 2 girls were completely different This Prudence was witty nothing annoying had a great chemistry with the Hero and was smart not because the author is telling us that but because her actions are The Matriarchs (The Family enough reason to prove it The times she uarreled with the Hero went smoothly not forced and the reader can see why the Hero falls in love with her Lord Sayer the negative aspect of the Hero could be his name Sinjun What a name And he is what a rake should be at least in myyes charming witty amused with all things Notes for the Everlost especially with our heroine a man who likes adventures sometimes naughty when it comes to women a man who has mistresses but treats them well He is not one of these heroes who has I cannot love her I am cold and never have loved attitude And he wasxcellent as a ghost And oh my the kisses they shared All very clean of course but so passionate Plot not pr. Is he a ghostOutraged screams choed through Shadow Hall and Prudence was ready to killLord Sayer If he weren't dead already that is His mischievous antics made help impossible to keep Prudence wished the seductive spirit would simply take one step beyondand stay there A rakeBut no insouciant ghost was going to.

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Edictable as most regency romance books Prudence and her Aunt live in this Mansion haunted by the ghost of Lord Sayer Aunt Saraphina who is a darling believes in paranormal activities but not Prudence Then she finds out that Lord Sayer is pretending to be dead to catch his murderer someone attempted to murder him 3 times She joins forces with him and she actually helps him she is not a bother at all When they managed to reunite all the members of the family in the mansion it has a Clue air the murder mystery game Secondary characters all of them were charming in some way or another Even the rival or the mistress or the Dandy or the murderer Ghost there is a real ghost in the story something I have never read before in a Regency And it is a nice ghostNegative aspect noneRecommended to readers who njoy GH books There is No Biggy! even a cat in the story and all the fans of Georgette know that an animal is important in a story mostly it is a dog but anyway Excellent Regency with perfect blend of romance humor and mystery I ve only read two of Cindy Holbrook s novels but I m already hooked I just wish they were inbook so I could could take them all with me I just loved Prude Sinjun Aunt Saraphena Benny Plume El Ebony the alcoholic cat Mr Tremble ah hell I loved all of them Even Henries and his beloved brick Oh my I debated over the rating here I knocked off a star because I figured out the culprit pretty Crush It! early on but truth be told I really didn t care in thend and raised it up to a 45This was a near perfect regency romp with lots of laughs and a devilish rake of a ghost and a wonderfully plucky a devilish rake of a ghost and a wonderfully plucky There were no major surprises plot wise but it was well written and just plain fun The author did a wonderful job in developing the relationship between Lord Sayer and Prudence in particular they forge a lovely relationship becoming friends ven as they fall in love despite the cliched plot It was a bit long winded in spots and took me almost a year to read because I just forgot about it It is cute It wasn t completely terrible but I had to force myself
finish it All the characters stuttering problems or at least that s what I assume because of all the broken sentences But but I can t Yes yes I will We we should go And the word indeed was WAY overused The plot line became laughable when the ghost started showing himself in Drive Prudence from this castle Sayer's will declared that any relative able to inhabit it for one year would inherit his state Prudence was only a distant relative to be sure but she simply had nowhere lse to go Or a man to loveExcept into the arms ofLord Sayer The very much alive nobleman was just pretendi. ,

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