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Living the Psalms Life

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Discovery House Publishers is to present ten principles so that the reader can draw nearer to God based is to present ten principles so that the reader can draw nearer to God based various psalms The principles are listed under the titles of 1 the Blessed Life 2 the Examined Life 3 the Guided Life 4 the Worshiping Life 5 the Bible Based Life 6 the Secure Life 7 the Real Life 8 the Prayerful Life 9 the Sanctuary Life and 10 the Content Life Branon links some of the psalms in an understandable way with useable principles to current events and personal experiences so that the readers can incorporate the psalms into their own lives The style of the book is like a devotional It is not A Dictionary Of Color Combinations for somebody who looksor an exegesis of the psalms nor is it according to the author a comprehensive study I recommend the book Smoke Screen for those who need inspiration and blessingor their spiritual life Sadly the book lacks a reference list of which psalms are used in any particular chapter Further there are very The Next uiet Voice few notes and no comprehensive bibliography Just to give one example where notes could have improved the uality of the book in chapterour The Worshiping Life Branon refers to the poetic collection of William "Wordsworth There Is No "there is no reference to this collection which is a challenge Cuckueaned by the Maid for readersrom another cultural background I am German not US American who do not know William Wordsworth nor his poetic collectionThe complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley ree of charge I was under no obligation to offer a positive review Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own LivingthePsalmsLife NetGalley A pretty good book. O God while being embraced by His wisdom in Living the Psalms Life Let the stories and Scripture inspire you to a live of security contentment guidance Ided Life The Worshipping Life The Bible Based Life "THE SECURE LIFE THE REAL LIFE THE PRAYERFUL LIFE "Secure Life The Real Life The Prayerful Life Sanctuary Life The Content Life Each chapter stands on its own yet as you examine all ten things together you get a wonderful view of the Psalms as a whole The chapter on The Guided Life was especially comforting To Me This Author Has Experienced The Loss Of His me This author has experienced the loss of his in a car accident My amily has experienced loss and sorrow too He was open about his grief and uestions concerning her death but also lead us right back to God and an eternal perspective #MR BRANDON S COUNSEL IN THIS CHAPTER WILL HELP #Brandon s counsel in this chapter will help as we walk an uncertain road in our own livesThis would be an excellent book or a book study with a small group or Sunday School classI received a copy of this book rom the publisher All opinions are my own Living the Psalms Life by Dave Branon is a practical and helpful book It gives good description of the meaning behind the specific Psalm and the issues of the day The Psalm is also applied to our life today The author shared a personal story that applied to the Psalm He wrote about The devotional will give the reader a deeper understanding of the Psalm and how to apply it to their life The book offers 10 principles to settle your mind and open your heart to a new way of life It is a wonderful devotional and a Racine et Shakespeare fresh approach Thank you to the publisher and netgalleyor allowing me to read and review this book For readers who look The Simoin Prophecies GameWorld Trilogy for biblical guiding principlesor their livesDave Branon s goal with Living the Psalms Life 10 Guiding Principles Mémoires d& for Fellowship with God published by. O do list Yet intimacy with the Lord is what allows us toocus on what really matters Discover ten principles rom the psalmists to help you draw near Use the Psalms to Give Your Spiritual Life a BoostFor many the Psalms #are a great source of inspiration and encouragement Skilled writer Dave Branon has #a great source of inspiration and encouragement Skilled writer Dave Branon has a FASCINATING STUDY OF THIS BOOK IN study of this book in Bible He has grouped the Psalms into 10 different categories then derived guiding principles or the "readerAs he says in the opening pages The idea behind the book was to synthesize some of the "he says in the opening pages The idea behind the book was to synthesize some of the major teachings into ten understandable and usable principles It s not a complete and comprehensive study of the book Instead it is an attempt to help you see how the Psalms teach us to live in ten specific areas Page 7 8I enjoyed each chapter in this book and the insights in it For example the Les réseaux informatiques par la pratique final chapter in the book is called The Contented Life Branon writes God does not want us to be stuck in our sorrow or our pain He shepherds us to moverom trouble to triumph as this verse suggests Psalm 235 He provides us with a table of Lgendes d'oiseaux food reminding us that He is there to meet all our needs He pours on our heads the oil of anointing or blessing reminding us that we are still His children and will never beorsaken And He makes our cup overflow with His love and understanding reminding us that even in our tough times He is our go to Person Page 147I highly recommend LIVING THE PSALMS LIFE A careful reading will be an inspiration and blessing to your spiritual life This is such an encouraging book The author writes in a personal relatable way I liked the way he pulled ten guiding principles rom the Psalms to help us look at our lives rom these perspectives The Blessed Life The Examined Life The Gu. Life can be overwhelming We can become so consumed with commitments and responsibilities that spending time with Jesus becomes an unchecked task on our ,