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Er Frank Capra The mechanisms of the story seem visible from the start but the way the text intertwines divergent narratives makes these assumed structures change in front of the reader s eyesThis is a uick read and a rewarding one Though by no means a classic Philip Roth s Looking at Kafka is a elegant take on a similar range of topics Kafka Americana is a dizzyingly playful et thoroughly enjoyable collection Gregor Samsa ducked into a phone booth This looks he said like a job for a gigantic insect This is a short and interesting book It is a collection of five short stories written by two authors Jonathan Lethem and Carter Scholz in Kafka s bleak and straightforward style complete with his darkness and humor You do not have to be familiar with Kafka to read this but it will help as many of the characters and situations contained within the book are pulled directly from the author these two are emulating If Scabby Queen you are looking for what Kafka s material might look like if he were writing today thenou should check this book out The two stories written by Carter Scholz were really a delight #and where the two come from Jonathan Lethem is self indulgent and #where the two stars come from Jonathan Lethem is self indulgent too pleased with himself as a writer unduly I would add The collaborative story was boring and trite its attempts at meta fiction fell woefully short of what I m sure were very high hopes Sincerely a disappointing rea. S Ives to muse on what can and can't be insured And Lethem's K for Fake brings together Orson Welles Jerry Lewis and Rod Serling in a kangaroo trial in which Kafka faces fraudulent charges Taking modernism's presiding genius for a joyride the authors portray an absurd ominous world that Kafka might have invented but could never have survive. Ce with a heaping dose of wit and a refreshing Kafkaesue sense of the absurdWhat s missing or rather what I would have liked would have been some sort of introduction epilogue or statement from the writers Those unfamiliar with Kafka #Will Not Get The Same Enjoyment Out #not get the same enjoyment out themes that pop up in than one storyStill worth a read especially for the Kafka aficionado Strange and freuently beguiling this collaborative short story collection two apiece by Lethem and Scholz one written together is an intriguing curio The pieces here range from deliberate cultural mashup Lethem s The Notebooks of Bob K to dreamlike intertextual fable Scholz s The Amount to Carry The range of reference is extensive this is unsuprisingly best read by those with a reasonable knowledge of Kafka s work Lethem s Notebooks for example splices Superhero mythology into Kafka s koan like parables Without knowledge of these parables the story may seem disjointed and slightly pretentious even with this knowledge the story is at once overly forthright as a tribute and overly dense as a work in Its Own Right Scholz own right Scholz tales which rapidly ascend from banal realism to elegant fantasy offer a nuanced take on Kafka s legacyBest of the lot however is the jointly written Receding Horizon a multi layered and extraordinarily innovative alternative history in which Kafka has emigrated to the United States and befriended filmmak. The collaboratively written Receding Horizon Hollywood welcomes Kafka as scriptwriter for Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life with appropriately morbid results Scholz's The Amount to Carry transports the legal secretary of the Workman's Accident Insurance Institute to a conference with fellow insurance executives Wallace Stevens and Charle.

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Some of the pieces are stronger than others It s a cute concept of a book worth seeking out if The Final Mission Conard County Conard County The Next Generation you like Kafka or Lethem chances are ifou really like one ou ll like the other Somewhere it states this book of short stories by two obviously gifted writers has attained cult status not unlike Catch 22 Well to paraphrase Groucho Marx I wouldn t want To Join A Cult join a cult would have me as a member Admittedly having read only one short story by Kafka The #Metamorphosis I cannot profess to being well acuainted with his paranoid inducing #I cannot profess to being well acuainted with his paranoid inducing of writing Thus something here has gotten lost in the translation To be sure both authors are exceptional writers Perhaps if I were to spend the summer reading Franz Kafka s work I too will see the humor and genius in this book and grudgingly join the club Until then I will wave the flag of ignorance and warning and give this book no than two stars This book left me torn There were some brilliant passages but I think I should have read it slower or with Kafka present in my mind or when I was in a better playful moodAnyway we didn t click the way I hoped we might Though I will never look at my living room furniture the same way again the batman story in this is awesome Awful While not as good as Kafka Lethem and Scholz s stories take him into the 21st century a time that knows of the Holocaust something the Jewish Kafka did not live to experien. Previously published only in a signed limited edition Kafka Americana has achieved cult status Norton now brings this reimagination of our labyrinthine world to a wider audience In an act of literary appropriation Lethem and Scholz seize a helpless Kafka by the lapels and thrust him into the cultural wreckage of twentieth century America In. Kafka Americana: Fiction