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Falling Glass

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Killian plans on getting out of the enforcement business collecting debts applying a little pressure He is only part time now and is studying architecture But his eal estate investments aren t doing well so he takes a Job Locating The Ex Wife Of An locating the ex wife of an tycoon She has disappeared with his 2 young daughters and the tycoon will pay a lot to get his children back Unfortunately Killian may be a little too gentle #for this particular job so a Russian killer is also hired to track #this particular job so a Russian killer is also hired to track missing wife and children Killian is an excellent talker and uses persuasion as much as violence That s good because at the end of this book persuasion is definitely what he needsThis author excels at dialog which is enhanced by Gerard Doyle s narration of the audiobook I also enjoyed the plot of this standalone crime novel and the ending was perfect The A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners real strength of an Adrian McKinty book is the uality of the writing His prose and dialogue are excellent and the stories are well told Falling Glass is a straight thriller with aelatively uncomplicated plot lacking in major twists or turns and a small group of core characters Killian Rachel Coulter and Markov are all interesting characters but for me they were lacking a little in depth In contrast the two young daughters were alive and esonant The start is excellent and the story is engaging with some very good scenes in places but I had difficulty believing both the first escape scene and the final confrontations Whilst the story is entertaining to this eader it was not uite as good as his other books I ve ead I guess this is the problem if you set the bar so damn high Still good stuff mind just not uite flying at the same altitude as Dead I May Well Be or Fifty Grand Overall a straight up and down thriller with some very nice prose that s Richard Coulter is a man who has everything His beautiful new wife is pregnant his upstart airline is undercutting the competition and moving from strength to strength his diversification into the casino business in Macau has been successful and his fabulous Art Deco house on an Irish cliff top has just been featured in Architectura. ,

N entertaining ead I generally don t Like Stories About Criminals Killing stories about criminals killing
but at least the main is not a psychopath This is an entertaining audiobook and the author is adding in bonus treats the culture of the Pavee chapters named after famous film noir stories etc Even thought this is is not as good as the Sean Duffy series it s still better than the average thriller out there There are some books that it is just flat out a elief to finish Too much sleep deprivation and the dust bunnies can start to look like they are moving into formations for the final onslaught FALLING GLASS eally cheats a lot Having become a somewhat besotted Michael Forsythe fan I did think I could approach FALLING GLASS with the vague hope of keeping easonable hours He plays a bit part only in this book after all with the action centred around enforcer Killian Should have known better McKinty writes that brand of dark violent no holds barred tempered with touches of aw and magnificent humour Irish noir that makes me forget to feed the dogs and forces me to emind myself that no normal person is still awake at 400am convincing themselves that just a few pages won t hurtThere are differences between Killian and Forsythe Killian is an enforcer ather than a straight out hitman He looks for solutions to problems and he s not above using some elegant albeit somewhat crafty ways of getting esults for whoever is paying him He s also looking for a way out A chance to etire and enjoy the #good life it s his expertise in finding people that don t want to be found that means Forsythe ecommends him #life it s his expertise in finding people that don t want to be found that means Forsythe ecommends him a big job A very wealthy Irish businessman Richard Coulter is prepared to pay big money for somebody to find his ex wife and eturn his two young daughters Fed the line that the ex is a L Digest But then for some eason his ex wife Rachel doesn't keep her side of the custody agreement and vanishes off the face of the earth with Richard's two daughters Richard hires Killian a formidable ex enforcer for the IRA to track her down before Rachel a ecovering drug addict harms herself or the girls As Killian follows Rach. ,

Rug addict who is going to endanger the girls Killian is attracted by the sheer size of the pay packet etirement seems just that bit closer Of course things are going to get complicated and of course there s going to be than meets the eye to the wife s disappearance The fact that there are a few elements to the plot of this story that are predictable is neither here nor there this a few elements to the plot of this story that are predictable is neither here nor there this a book about the journey Killian s journey from enforcer to etiree His journey from it being all about the money to an understanding that there are some things that are important than money The journey from being the chaser to the chased Along the way there s a wonderful sense of the Irishness of this book Killian is a tinker a traveller a background that he can t get away from a lifestyle to which he can eturn with absolutely no uestions asked and all kindnesses forthcoming The landscape in which the action takes place the weather the characters that everyone ubs up against in the chase go further to making
a strong sense of place humour the outlook the language the tone it s all very very Irish As is the ending Spectacularly Irish utterly unresolved it s an ending that s probably going to drive some eaders bats and made me joyously happy Because I still love Michael Forsythe and not just because he s a bad guy but I also love Killian not just because he s complicated And I don t know if he ll be back in another book And now that s keeping me awake A woman on the un with her children to keep from losing them to a tyrannical ex husband who has unlimited ecourses Somewhat predictable with a slow plot that finally moves along towards the last third of the book The characters were likable but here again predictable The narrator for me was fairly monotone but others thoroughly enjoyed. El's trail he begins to see that there is a lot to this case than first meets the eye and that a thirty year old secret is going to put all of them in terrible dangerMcKinty is at his continent hopping well paced evocative best in this thriller moving between his native Ireland and distant cities within a skin of his teeth timeframe.

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