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Well rounded history of the controversial bombing of Dresden between February 13 and 15 1945 The allies showered Dresden with 3900 tons of high explosive bombs and incendiary devices resulting in a horrendous No Mans Daughter firestorm killing up to 25000 per the reasonable non German propagandist estimates released immediately after the bombing Some say the Florence on the Elbe should not have been targeted such especially the populous city center Othe Dresden was bombed on February 13th 1945 on Shrove Tuesday Mardi Gras in New Orleans The bombing was so intense it caused airestorm which destroyed the city Both British and American bombers attacked that Night And Early Morning The and early morning the day Dresden however was not an open city of no military value senselessly attacked While the morals of bombing cities as military targets is certainly a dubious proposition military value senselessly attacked While the morals of bombing cities as military targets is certainly a dubious proposition was the practice on both sides Dresden was a beautiful baroue city but it was bombed or legitimate strategic reasons in had plants that made munitions The Toll-Gate for the German war effort It is right to say bombing of cities is evil and the bombing of Dresden was particularly destructive due to theirestorm But it was not any senseless of bombing any other target in Germany it was an industrial center which contributed to the war effort and the targeting was at the reuest of the Russians who wanted it bombed to help their advance on Saxony It was not as apologists or the Germans sometimes say a terror bombing carried out by the allies and the moral euivalent of the holocaust Still it was very destructive and horrendous and puts into the uestion the bombing of cities even if it is or strategic reasons especially in the Nuclear Age Taylor s book on Dresden is really three books in one a history of Saxony a history of aerial bombardment and Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, finally a history of the bombing of Dresden in the Second World War He would have done well to only write theinal book One doesn t get to the actual event until halfway through the book which makes or an at time tedious read In addition Taylor uses a lot of cliches and statement which insult the reader s intelligence such as when he tells us the invention of the airplane changed warfare oreverWhat is interesting abo Wow 65 starsThis account and discussion of one of the most controversial things that the Allies committed in the Second World War is chillingWhich ever side of the Good Thinking fence you sit read this book before you comment or opine The last chapter provoked me to think again on what I believeWar is wrong and I hope that I never have to make any decisions that these people involved had to Hindsight is a wonderful and privileged thing Go in peace As someone who has spent a great deal of her professional life teaching in the broader category of World War II I am well aware of the way that the whole uestion of the bombing campaign carried out by Britain over Germany while under the command of Arthur Bomber Harris has polarised public opinionIully support the conclusions reached by Taylor in his book the raid was justified Britain was at war I repeat Britain was at war with Germany Following Dunkirk the only way that Britain could respond to German aggression before the June 1944 landings was in the air it was in Death in Mumbai fact a Second Front During the period of the bombings the brunt of the attack against the Germanorces was being borne by Russia and by their actions Bomber Command was showing Stalin that the other Allied Baccarat : La lgende du cristal forces were doing their bit to win the war I am not saying that vengeanceor London Coventry Southampton and dozens of other British cities did not play a part it did and the bombing raids over Germany were a terrific boost O Colégio de Todos os Segredos for thelagging morale on the home March Violets (Bernie Gunther, front Dresden was not just a cultural centre its converted porcelainactories were supplying the German army with precision instruments such as bomb sights Zoete tranen fuses and radios as well as vast uantities of bullets It was also an important link in the railway system a town where thousands of German troops were shunted onto trains boundor the Russian Front Thousands of man hours and reports Water Music from agents on the ground within Germany provided the intelligence that RAF Bomber Command used toormulate its decisions as to which German city would be targeted War is a brutal business Goebbels propaganda portraited the destruction of Dresden as a war crime After the war the British Revived felt it was a bombing tooar and today anti war and German Student Research Projects in Calculus far right activists Russian and anti British propagandists are using it again as a propaganda toolThe general public me included knows little about itI tried toind out and I was mesmerised by the objectivity of this book very well researched and written in an enthralling styleIt is a thoroughly documented tome 500 pgs on the bombing of Dresden in the context of the history of the town sacked several times by other Germans including Frederick the Great the German indiscriminate bombing during the WW2 Hitler s order or attacks against the British cultural centres had stated cold bloodedly that preference is to be given to those where attacks are likely to have the greatest. At 951 pm on Tuesday 13 February 1945 Dresden's air raid sirens sounded as they had done many times during the Second World War But this time was different By the next morning than 4500 tons of high explosives and incendiary devices had been dropped on the unprotected. ,

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Le involved and their reasons behind the bombing of Dresden A moving narrative of the horror unleashed by area bombing and the subseuent irestorm of the horror unleashed by area bombing and the subseuent irestorm book that should A moving narrative of the horror unleashed by area bombing and the subseuent A Heart of Stone firestorm A book that should be left unread On the morning of February 13 1945 Dresden was inull lower For centuries the capital of Saxony had been enticing visitors rom near and Language and Linguistics far to sample its delights sumptuous royal palaces glorious churches a pleasing climate and a thriving cultural scene Notor nothing was Dresden known as Florence on the Elbe Even the worst of the Second World War appeared to have skirted Dresden in deference to its charms The mighty cities of Hamburg and Berlin Leipzig and Cologne had not escaped the horrors of aerial bombing But Dresdeners believed they were safe After all hadn t the English always loved Dresden and didn t Churchill have a Divertimento favourite aunt there On the morning of February 14 Dresden was in ruins Tens of thousands lay dead incinerated or asphyxiated by a terribleirestorm wrought by deadly incendiary devices For the Allies the Dresden raids were among the most successful of the whole war and the bomber suadron commanded by Arthur Harris returned to England in a blaze of glory But as the scale of the death toll emerged and word began to spread that one of Europe s most enchanting cities had been laid waste doubts began to surface Even Churchill appeared to be distancing himself Love Is a Fairy Tale from the bombing of Dresden Yet as Frederick Taylor s impressive book shows Dresden was not the delicate china ornament she appeared to be Beneath the beautifulacade ugly Promise at Dawn forces were at workThe city had been a Nazi stronghold even before Hitler came to power and Dresden s Jews were among the veryirst in Germany to experience the petty prejudices that would escalate into state engineered extermination Once the war began Dresden a city once geared to precision engineering and tobacco was at the orefront of the military effort Cameras and cigarettes were orsaken Bangkok Wakes to Rain for gun sights and bullets All of which is not to say that Dresden deserved its appallingate But as Taylor says in his preface a legend has grown up that the city was an innocent victim singled out The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery for unusually harsh treatment The bombing of Dresden Taylorinds was unusual only in its terrible success Forces that had worked against the Allies elsewhere in Germany suddenly and briefly combined in their Darkmere favour Technology weather lack of air defences and above all the grossly inadeuate nature of air raid sheltersor the bulk of the populace ensured Dresden would become the unlucky target of a perfect aerial operationThe book is a remarkable melange of scholarship journalism and storytelling Taylor Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? focuses not only on the big story but on the people at its heart British airmen Jewishamilies the odious governor of Dresden The eyewitness accounts are especially affecting Those Dresdeners who thought they might escape the awful heat of the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den firestorm sought refuge in water tanks andountains only to be drowned or boiled alive But while the destruction of Dresden was a nightmare Scraps Of The Untainted Sky for most it came as a godsendor the city s The Eric Carle Gift Set few remaining Jews Only days awayrom deportation to the death camps they tore the yellow stars Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century from their clothes and tooklight Fashion Design Course from the blazing city The author s detailed research included accessor the Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, first time to papers previously locked away in the German Democratic Republic Keen to perpetuate the politically expedient myth of their Soviet masters that closer to 250000 than 25000 perished in the bombings the East Germans always claimed that Dresden showed the West at its worst Taylor is a self confessed pacifistically inclined baby boomer But it s clear that in the course of writing this book he wasorced to re examine his Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga feelings about war and to place himself in the wartime mindset In February 1945 no one knew a long and brutal conflict that had already cost millions of lives was in its closing months Even before theull horror of the Holocaust became public knowledge a Nazi victory was a real and Cincinnati and Other Plays fearful prospect In that context says Taylor Dresden was a legitimate target I bought this book in a bookstore in Dresden itself Having visited the city as part of a recent trip to Germany I was mesmerized by its beauty and haunted by its past I had to learn In particular I wanted a betteractual Speak Out! frameworkor tackling the long debated uestion of whether the allied bombing of Dresden at the end of the war when Germany was all but defeated was justified Taylor s book provided that I Like You the Best framework and so much Not only does he artfully tackle the moral uestions associated with the bombing he tells a phenomenal story He describes the bombing and the events that led to itrom a variety of perspectives Dresden residents Jews and half Jews living in the city city leaders and of course the bombers themselves This 360 view of the event provides the reader with a rich context The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles for understanding the circumstances that gave rise to the destruction of the city Asor whether the bombing was justified I have my own view after having The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico finished the book but I would encourage you to read it and draw your own conclusion. Tion Frederick Taylor has drawn on archives and sources only accessible since theall of the East German regime and talked to Allied aircrew and survivors Lone Star Standoff from members of the German armed services and refugeesleeing the Russian advance to ordinary citizens of Dresde. ,

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Dresden Author Frederick TaylorPossible effect on civilian life the Bomber Command Bombing GermanyMuch Attention bombing of GermanyMuch attention given to the life of its inhabitants too many of who died during the bombing or in case of the Jews were exterminated by the Nazi regimeThe ate of Dresden was a result of a lot of actors The town was involved in war production it was a transport hub the British wanted to help the Russian offensive the Red Army was only 60 miles to the west of the city at the time and to show the Russians they are still a More Punishment For His Cheating Wife force to reckon with the town didn t have any anti bombing support the British didn t know it the air shelters were very poor On top of all this the Bomber Command learnt the lessonsrom the past and their bombing was efficient especially when the weather was avourable as unfortunately it was the case that dayAt that time the war it was the case that dayAt that time the war still on the Germans declared total war and they only surrendered a week after Hitler s death V1 and V2 raids on Antwerp Paris London and southern England will continue or another month after the bombing of Dresden The destruction of Dresden shortened the war By how much we cannot say but at that time this was an imperative I try to sympathise with the The View from Alameda Island fate of German population but their barbaric conuest had to be defeated and they are to be blamedor all the horrors they unleashedNevertheless it is a very sad story that we should learn When Fox Is a Thousand from After the German bombing of Coventry the author Frederick Taylor writes The damage inflicted on the cities infrastructure had lastedar longer and caused long term difficulties 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution for war production than the actual bombing of the industrial plants This statement on page 188 of my copy was constantly on my mind while reading this very good book on the appalling tragedy that was the bombing of Dresden on 13th 14th and 15th February 1945The thought of the allies learningrom the destruction of various British home cities to me highlighted the general large scale bombing that was becoming the normal course of events in the later part of the war as the allies drove home their advantage over the Third Reich Yes the destruction was brutal and debatably with hindsight maybe uncalled Taken The Anthology for in certain cities Dresden being one of those cities But at the back of my mind was theact that Total War was being Schematic Design fought and let s recall that the Nazis themselves had evoked that chilling call back in 1943 I am also reminded that the wholesale destruction of Warsaw with over 28000 deaths and a reported 80% destruction of that city that had occurred as early as September 1939 With that one could go on in discussing atrocity after atrocity man s inhumanity to man that was the 2nd world war Was this a war crime Yes but then war is a crime really In my years of reading WW2 history I have tried hard to be pragmatic as to the actions of the protagonists in terms of military action In the end I came out of the end of this book thinking that the bombing was considered just another military action taken by the allies and that the horrific conseuences to the civilian population and the cultural obliteration was never particularly on their mind Nazi Germany needed to be defeated Ideologies asar apart as western capitalism and eastern communism cooperated to that end As to the book itself it is divided into 3 parts Part 1 is entitled Florence on the Elbe and is a history of Dresden itself The Second Sister from the dawns of time to the lead up to the bombing For me this madeascinating reading as it made me realise what Dresden meant to the German Saxon people Part 2 Total War covers wartime Dresden Perfect Match (Girl Talk, from approximately the time of the Battle of the Bulge and the third part After the Fall covers the aftermath and beyond The author has done a wonderful job in putting together a chronological order of eventsrom the earliest time to the bitter tragedy that was the bombing Part 3 also discusses opinions controversies etc Curzon from just after the event itself through to the turn of the century David Irvingor example gets short shrift AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers from Taylor and rightfully so What I tend to getrom books such as this is that there are always interesting events and individuals discussed that get little mention in standard historical books that I tend to read Artists Otto Griebel and Otto Dix come to mind and in Chapter 8 we received a very interesting brief history of aerial warfare and the laws of said subject The eyewitness accounts Let’s Call It a Doomsday from the civilians makeascinating but also painful reading The military accounts are very informative and interesting In the end though and to uote a Goodread riends inal words in a very good review of this very readable book The lessons are there or us all Indeed I well rounded look at the ire bombing of Dresden one of the controversial of the Allies Air Campaign over Germany The author brings the vibrancy of the city to the pages By telling the history of the iconic Saxon city and its people right up to the day of the bombingFrederick Taylor then leads us into the hell of the night and Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, following days letting the people who lived through it tell their stories Along with this he also tells the story of the peop. CityAt least 25000 inhabitants died in the terrifyingirestorm and thirteen suare miles of the city's historic centre including incalculable uantities of treasure and works of art lay in ruins In this portrait of the city its people and its still controversial destruc.