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Tional book for the beginner weaver Read it in a few hours and cannot wait to get started on my first project So much information and patterns that I already know that I need to order supplies already Fabulous Book This is the book I ve been looking for I took an introduction to tapestry weaving class earlier this year and have been looking for a book of modern tapestry weaving to further my education I found a few vintage booklets with some interesting projects but most Of The Recent Weaving the recent weaving books I found Only Had One Or had one or tapestries and were short on techniue This book has page after page of beautiful modern wall hangings with various stitches and knots as well as a few other home decor items The photos are beautiful my page pics below don t do them justice and the stitches and techniues are very clear particularly given the numerous closeup step by step images included with each project I had never heard of Rachel Denbow before and am so glad her book popped p in my customers am so glad her book popped Soft Focus up in my customers bought this also bought list This is one of my favorite craft books of all time and I have A LOT in many different techniues This book was such a joy to go through Each project built on the last one so that you felt like you were learning new things and didn t get bored I even loved the color choices I normally skim books like these maybe try out a few projects or justse it for inspiration but not this one It s a beautiful book with beautiful projects and lots of stuff to learn I have other books on weaving and none come close to how great this one is Like many crafters I first discovered Rachel s weaving tutorials on the A Beautiful Mess blog and her instructions got me started with weaving Her book is a great expansion on those beginner tutorials and her Alien Chastity Belt use of color is so inspiring I have given this book as a gift several times with a collection of yarns and other fibers and a loom Unlike other books about weaving this one goes beyond just wall hangings which is kind of fun and different She alsoses materials that are mostly easy to find a pet peeve of mine is when craft books se expensive or hard to find materials And just like her blog tutorials the instructions are easy to follow Even the simplest projects end with a great result I m really enjoying dipping into this book for inspiration and techniues It s clearly written and well presented. A pop to any room in your house No loom No worries Rachel Denbow shows you how to fabricate 3 simple portable looms DIY Woven Art also includes tips on customizing your desi. .

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Yayyyy finally a book written with the beginner in mind I absolutely love this book cover to cover The pictures are great the instructions clear the large variety of techniues are explained well it is perfect I should have purchased this book first of techniues are explained well it is perfect I should have purchased this book first nfortunately I waited for the release of another weaving book that just fell way short of what I thought it was going to be This is the type of book I wanted I love that the author lists her suppliers of tools and yarns and even how to construct your own loom rather than running out to buy one Basically you can get started immediately after getting this book with very few supplies needed Awesome job Rachel You deserve all the positive reviews for this book It was well thought out and very well written Amazing Even intermediate weavers would love this book 11 wall weavings in total for you to draw inspiration from Cannot wait to get started I purchased this book after being a fan of Rachel s for years and drooling over her beautiful woven masterpieces I then took a class from Ms Denbow where I grew my skills and love for the finished product If you are on the fence about whether or not you can gain what you need to know to begin weaving you must grab this book now Rachel s tips and step by step instructions are fantastic and I have finished many gorgeous weavings that I have gifted There are many projects in the book and all of them are absolutely doable with the easy to nderstand instructions I enjoy following Rachel s fiber journey and
am happy so 
happy so put out such a fabulous book on a topic that was so hard to find information on previous to it s release Thank you Rachel for such an amazing source of information and inspiration Rachel s book has been put together with much thought and love The photography and the projects are beautiful and inspired me to pick p a love The photography and the projects are beautiful and inspired me to pick HIPPO IN THE GARDEN up a hobby that s currently bringing me a lot of joyI was able to get started right away after following one of the tutorials explaining how to easily make your own loom Careful it s addictive I already have a range of different sized looms for various projectsI also love dipping back into the book whenever I need a little inspiration There are plenty of projects in the book and I like how contemporary they areTo sump I d definitely recommend getting a copy of this book if you re p for exploring a new craft A brilliant easy instruc. An alt twist on traditional wall hangings Get crafty with DIY Woven Art These 14 fabulous fiber art projects from colorful pillows and rugs to dramatic wall hangings will add.  DIY Woven Art: Inspiration and Instruction for Handmade Wall Hangings, Rugs, Pillows and More!I m dabbling in weave again after a long break due to children and this book has fired p my creative juices again I love this book I learned to weave from Rachel s tutorials on A Beautiful Mess and have completely fallen in love with it there is a large variety of tutorials and fun patterns in this book that have definitely kept me interested and busy There s a lot of great information for beginners but there is also a lot of new tips patterns stitches etc that will keep intermediateadvanced weavers interested and inspired Rachel also advances past wall hangings and has some patterns for functional pieces as well a rug clutch table some patterns for functional pieces as well a rug clutch table that are so so beautiful and have inspired me to take weaving even further than just small wall hangings as well as tons of sources for yarn and materials This book is so worth it and I really can t think of anything bad to say I bought this in the Fall of 2016 and it has been such in the Fall of 2016 and it has been such great addition to my crafting It introduced me to weaving with excellent descriptions of each step of the process and pictures lots and lots of pictures which this visual learner LOVES Rachel has done a great job passing along to others her love of creating and gives you space to make the design your own while inserting handy tips and tricks I ve been able to make and give several weavings to friends to decorate their nurseries and homes and I m so glad I stumbled across the SmileandWeave IG account If you ve been thinking about picking p weaving go get this book now I bought another book before this one It s inspirational I like the projects but it wasn t going to teach me how to be a weaver I saw someone s review that said that same thing and they recommended this book by Rachel Denbow A big thank you to whoever that wasI just finished skimming over the whole book and I m really impressed Start here if you want to learn to weave and maybe go to Creativebug to see their beginners weaving course The author makes a complex process simple and it has projects that progress from easy so you learn the basics to complicated Seems to have good information on the basics but as far as I can tell there is only one rug everything else seems to be about creating wall hangingsbut I feel sure that the information regarding wall hanging designs could be converted into rug designs Good book well written gives good range of projects to try out. Gns and choosing the right fibers and embellishments for each project basically everything you need to know to create these gorgeous projects from start to finish Happy weavi. .