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Conueror's KissPen if he refused to do as James Douglas The Black Douglas or Robert the Bruce ordered him to He would be accused and almost certainly found guilty as nearly happened later on of treason and probably hung drawn and uartered for the crime It only took her a few days of being with Hacon and his men to realise that they weren t taking part in the raping part of the raping and pillaging that the Scottish Army was visiting on the English They didn t kill non combatants they didn t burn down the civilian s houses for goodness sake one of his youngest men under 18 put his own life on the line to save a baby from The Black Douglas men So why did she berate herself for having feelings for himI felt she was being completely unfair to Hacon As her aunt told her no matter what man you fall in love with in that day and age and location they re going to have to fight at some point ven priests knew how to handle a sword Sure you can hate that they have to fight but it s not fair to blame them for doing as ordered Fatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion especially when he showed mercy toveryone Code Name: Silence exceptnemy soldiers Und Schuf Mir Einen Götzen: Lehrjahre Eines Kommunisten eager to lop his head off Hacon wasn t an angry man he didn tnjoy killing he didn t bully his men or mock them for not raping and killing innocents he was there because he had been ordered there by someone who held his life and livelihood in their hands And it would not have been just Hacon s life that would have been lost if he had disobeyed his men and veryone living at Dubheilrig would have been seen as traitors and therefore free to be raped and pillaged just like the English towns tooI ve read this a number of times maybe 5 10 times but I don t think I ll read it again Despite the interesting historical details I did find myself getting a bit bored towards the nd and I barely read the last couple of pages after the final battle and birth This is going to the charity store 35 stars I Margery Meets the Roses enjoyed the book I wasven able to handle the dialect What I did find frustrating were the typographical rrors and the fact that whoever was typing couldn t figure out what the name of the Keep was One time it s Dubheilrig another time it s Dahhielrig then again it s Dabhielrig I njoyed the story The Wapshot Scandal even if it was very similar to the other book I read The romance runs the same line but the stories are different And then the resolution is predictable But all in all it was a pleasant read The Mon claimed the wee skinny lassy as his plunder35 StarsI have just finished Conueror s Kiss and while Injoyed it I really struggled with the writinglanguage Nearly The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman every sentence with dialogue had to be translated Ok maybe I m slightlyxaggerating but there were definitely words that I struggled with the meaning My njoyment of the story decreased because I had to re read passages to clarify or work out what was being saidJennet lived in a convent It was a peaceful xistence for her Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, especially after leaving service as a handmaiden for an ill temperedmployer She did not plan to become a nun but was happy to live there England was at war with Scotland and she felt safe within the convent walls Unfortunately the Scottish soldiers did not follow the rules of sanctuary and attacked murdered and stole from the occupants Hacon one of the The Bruce s soldiers comes across Jennet and likes what he sees She admits to not being a nun so Hacon decides to keep Jennet as his plunder Jennet is Hacon s property and moves with him while he is fighting for his liege At first she is treated like a cleaning woman but once it is known that she has healing abilities she becomes valuable to the group Hacon is a good man Even though he has to kill and fight in a bloody war he always acts with honour He never forced himself on Jennet and while she is thankful it still surprises her They soon start to have feeling for ach other and can t deny the attraction I njoyed watching their connection grow and their intimate scenes were fairly steamyI don t have a great understanding of the history at that time but if half of the stories are true there were a lot of people who died for the wrong reasons A lot of the soldiers followed with blind obedience because if they didn t they would be accused of treason You could Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 either die on the field doing what you re told or die because you didn t This story proves how senseless war is and obviously we still haven t learnt from those mistakesBesides the love story Hacon s life is in danger One of his kinsmen wants him dead We learn prettyarly on in the story the name of the perpetrator Unfortunately the vilness can t be stopped because Hacon story the name of the perpetrator Unfortunately the vilness can t be stopped because Hacon t find proof of his vil intent So while Hacon perpetrator Unfortunately the vilness can t be stopped because Hacon t find proof of his Rivers Last Longer evil intent So while Hacon fighting the English he also has to watch his back in case his allies attack Luckily his cousin Dugald is there to help protect himI didnjoy Conueror s Kiss and the love story that developed between Jennet and Hacon was sweet The language was my biggest problem and while one or two words wouldn t have concerned me I felt like I needed a translation guide to followTo buy from received a complimentary copy of the re released Conueror s Kiss via Netgalley in xchange for an honest review This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Jennet Graeme has always known war and death She has come to a nunnery for sanctuary and safety from the border wars between the English and the Scots But when the one sacred refuge is barged into and she is taken captive as Plunder she is drawn back into the war that she fought to get away from Jennet lost her mother when she was a girl after seeing her mother raped and murdered #by Scots Then her father was killed or she thinks he was #Scots Then her father was killed or she thinks he was at Perth Now she is being held by Sir Hacon Gillard a Knight for the Scots At first Jennet views Hacon as many of the other soldiersruthless and out to kill anyone in his path But she soon realizes that Hacon is unlike most soldiers she has ver met That he has honor and is only fighting because he is fighting to get back his land that was taken from his family unjustly years ago Jennet is forced alongside with Hacon tending the injured and fighting the desire she feels for Hacon a desire she wants but at the same time despises Jennet and Hacon realize how The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! explosive they are together and will fight forach other no matter the cost Plot and Story Line Conueror s Kiss is a single title by Howell Each time I read this author I always become impressed with her work This story was republished over the last month so when I saw this available I just had to grab it up Because Howell writes. Nd claimed her as plunder until she finally succumbed to the raw masculine power of her brazen abductorThe fiery green Witchcraft for Tomorrow eyed beauty sworeternal hatred for Sir Hacon Gillard the handsome brute who held her captive But time would. I gave this audiobook a B for both the story and narration at AudioGalsOriginally published in 1991 Tantor Audio recently released Hannah Howell s Conueror s Kiss Being one who loves a good medieval romance I decided to give this one a try though I am sometimes wary of historical romances written many years ago due to their freuent forced seduction themes Well I m happy to report that Conueror s Kiss did not contain any of this lement In fact I found the hero from the fourteenth century to be remarkably modern minded Rather than taking advantage of his plunder and spoils of war he chooses to seduce the heroine vowin I probably should ve waited and put a few other books between this and my Monica McCarty binge I ve read Howell s work before and liked it but this book at least suffers in the comparison Jennet is the daughter of a Fourteenth Century con artist and a gentlewoman who was raped and murdered before Jennet s yes by knights fighting for Robert the Bruce She s now orphaned as far as she knows as the last she saw of her father was in Perth when Bruce s men overran the city and put nearly The Wedding Redux everyone they captured to the sword She s made her living as a servant to an English gentlewoman and when she got fed up with that she hied herself to a convent in BerwickWhich is where she is when Bruce s army once arrives to rape pacify the city While the other honorable knights are busy deflowering nuns murdering mothers and trying to toss babies on pikes a big Nordic looking fellow named Hacon claims Jennet as his own plunder He clonks her on the head than once when she puts up a fight and drags her off to a cave cottage he and his men have appropriated Naturally it s love at first sightThough she fights her attraction to the man Jennet really did get lucky Hacon fully intends tonjoy his wee plunder in the age old manner conuerors have njoyed captives but he s willing to wait until she s game Meanwhile she can do all the other womanly work for him and his men image rror A GlanceI loved and hated this book from page one until the Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? endThe GoodDuring the EnglishScottish war Hacon fights for the Scottsven if he doesn t agree with all the bloodshed Though that doesn t stop him from claiming Jennet as his prize and dragging her across the country trying to seduce her out of her virtue Jennet hates Hacon and all he stands for if only she could stop herself falling in love with himThough Hacon was a hard character to love at first Jennet was always awesome So spirited and feisty She doesn t let Hacon get away with anything Despite Jennet s precarious position amongst brutish killers she makes the best of her situation Even when she starts falling for Hacon she still remains passionate about her beliefs and political views She is not one to change for a manOh the adventures Hacon and Jennet go on I feel like I literally read about their whole lives in Conueror s Kiss We get war treachery love family and growth from all of the characters The nding was really good Very satisfyingPS I loved Jennet s father He was like an vil genius in a good wayThe BadIt was so hard to like Hacon for half the book He murders a lot of innocent people during the war and if he is not doing the killing because of his conscience then he is watching the murder rape and decimation of innocent people I know he had little choice but come on it s so hard to be okay with thatHacon had this obvious ENEMY WHO IS SUPPOSE TO BY who is suppose to by ally going after him the whole book and he doesn t do ANYTHING about it Even the people around him were getting frustrated by his lack of action When the bad guy finally gets one up on Hacon I kind of wanted Hacon to suffer because it was like DUH What did he think was going to happen the bad guy would move on When has that Bootie and the Beast ever happened in the history of timeThis is a long ass story I think it s than the stated 416 pages It felt like 500 It kept dragging and dragging and dragging on Injoyed a good portion of it but seriously #let s cut back on the unnecessary and #s cut back on the unnecessary and up the plotThe SnugglyWe get some sexy time It was pretty hot I loved how playful these two wereFinal ThoughtsWhen I njoyed this story I really njoyed it When I didn t like it I really didn t like it I would actually recommend this book but just be warned about the length and Hacon s shortcomingsuotesShe glared at him Aye so you will gain no Ransom From Me The Bruce from me The Bruce fine soldiers have already slaughtered my mother Aye and mayhaps my father as weel I have naught left Best to let me slip free I can only be a trouble to you Of that I have little doubt He stood up placed his hands on his trim hips and looked down at her Howbeit I will keep you with me Now why would ye wish to do that She had a very good idea of why but wondered if he would tell her the truthReaching out Hacon took a thick lock of her hair in his hand idly caressing it with his long fingers Ye Jennet who can be from Liddesdale are my plunder Read for the URR 2017 New Year s Reading Challenge prompt Medieval Romance 1911 The historical details were far interesting than Hacon and Jennet s romance I ve got a whole list of I assume and they had better be or I m coming back to lower my rating ven further historically accurate as in not just that Howell got the fact that the battles happened and who the winning side was but I also want to know that the date and some of the strategic details she included were correct too battles to look up Perth Boroughbridge Berwick t alFriday night night before last I watched Season of the Witch with Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman and I was really annoyed to find that the battles Cage and Perlman s characters supposedly fought in as Teutonic Crusading knights during the 1330s were The Art of Mary Beth Edelson either complete fabrications or borrowed from differentras What s so hard about having the characters set in the correct time I know the movie s crap what was I xpecting Well I wasn t xpecting fantastic acting or a completely logical plot but for some reason I did Motivational Perspectives on Chronic Pain expect some historical accuracy Anyway the point of that story is to say that I will be very disappointed if I find that Howell fudged any of her battle dateslocationswinnerstc specially since they were my driving force for continuing to readI found Jennet a bit too na ve for my tastes For the first three uarters of the book she uestioned the fact that she might be in love with Hacon because how could she love a man who went off to war and killed people whenever his liege lord told him to What did she think would hap. PASSION'S BOUNTYThere was no sanctuary from the Scottish invaders for petite raven haired Jennet Graeme behind the walls of her besieged town of Berwick She bravely resisted the towering blond knight who stormed the battlements

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Historical romance the way I love it to be written Deeply heart wrenching and motional with realistic historical fact In this story we get taken back to the battles between Robert the Bruce and the King of England I believe its King Edwardbut don t uote me on that hehe This is where we get drawn into history in a time of struggle death and hardship This story really reminded me how grateful I am to be born in this century because man what these people went through is heartwrenching and Hannah Howell brings those tender None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) emotions to the surfaceAt first Hacon seems to be your typical historical alpha male and in some ways he is very alpha But in others not so much He is honorable and steadfast and passionate But he is also kind hearted and merciful When he spots Jennet she reminds him of home and peace and so he grabs her which probably saved her life Then he takes her back to where he and his men make camp Now I have a soft spot for his men but mostspecially for his nephew His nephew is very much like Hacon in many ways He is 17 wants to be a noble knight but is kind too Puta even with all the fighting go around There is this moment in the beginning that won me over to him in a heartbeat A teenager really who risked his life to save innocents You can t get knightly than that right We see many learning curves for many of the character in this story We also see what war back in this century was really like and it wasn t pleasant at all Jennet is very wise and cunning and I couldn t help but get attached to her She is outspoken and in certain moments probably too much considering the circumstances she is surrounded byThe romance between these two is uite uniue and I couldn t getnough of these two and seeing them working through stumbling blocks to finding their HEA which was uite a battle in and of itself Hacon and Jennet have to work through many issues but we see how they build trust and love 伝説の勇者の伝説 5 出来心の後始末 even if they don t admit it when they should But both of them are distracted by other matters so it makes sense They have instant chemistry they both feel desire from when they first meet But its a slow burning that builds and it takes a while before these two make love for the first time Which was very good of Howell to format their connection in this way I grew to like her style in this because it had Jennet making the moves when they first become intimate So we see how its real desire she feels Of course this happens over months of time Then when Hacon finally gets his family s land back they reunite with both of their families And they get a respite until drama happens and they are forced to once again fight forach otherFrom beginning to Killer Games end this story won my heart and I fell in love withvery aspect of the story The characters the plot the motion and the circumstances and the historic detail that this wonderful author weaves for her readers The Narration I really couldn t get nough of this narrator She was simply fabulous and I can t wait to listen to of her work One thing I tend to be picky about is accents specially when dealing with the Scots Because the further you go in history the harder they can be for some to understand But wow she really did them so well and it almost felt like I was in Scotland in the 1300 s She simply made the story come to life with very moment The Cover There are multiple covers to this book but I love the most recent one the best It portrays the story so well and I love Cocksure everything about it From the gorgeous background to the pose to the male specimen who definitely has some gorgeous manly meat going on Overall View Conueror s Kiss is a splendid read that reaffirmed why I love historical romance so much It s packed with passion history vividmotion and a truly remarkable love story
that you will 
you will to read again I know I do WELL DONE At A Glance I loved and hated this book from page one until the Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry (Bold Women of the 18th Century, end The Good During the EnglishScottish war Hacon fights for the Scottsven if he doesn t agree wi Conueror s Kiss is set in Porto Bello Gold early 14th Century Scotland among the pillage and plunder happening on the border of England and Scotland between Edward and Robert the Bruce s armies This was a tumultuous time in history for the two countries and it seems that the people who suffered most were the innocent townfolk who took know part in the warring between the kings This book contains a lot of rape murder slaughter and fighting which was on par for the time These atrocities committed on behalf of kings are another reason for me to be grateful to have been born in the 20th CenturyOur hero is Sir Hacon Gillard Let me first start by saying that I hated his name I don t know how to pronounce it like bacon Hasson Hack on Hac one Inded up scouring the internet trying to find a pronunciation guide but I was not able to find a Scottish pronunciation I was able to find Italian and English pronunciations that sounded #Similar So I Just Went With It Sounds Like Hack #so I just went with it sounds like Hack I really wish authors would give us a phonetic spelling in parentheses the first time they use one of these types of names Anyway other than his name I liked Hacon the big braw blonde knight While he followed commands of his king and liege lord to fight along the borders and pillage and plunder towns he did not ngage in the killing of defenseless women and children He was an honorable and loyal man with a good sense of humor Our heroine Jennet Graeme has been hit particularly hard by these wars She witnesses the rape and murder of her mother then it seems that very town she moves to after that is caught up in the fighting Finally at Berwick she is taken as plunder by Hacon Jennet got lucky in her captor for all the ualities discussed above about Hacon Rather than rape her as spoils of war he sets out to seduce Jennet and keep her Jennet was a great heroine she was feisty steadfast in her beliefs and not afraid to voice her opinion The banter between her and Hacon was fairly good and I The Three Lives of Sonata James enjoyed seeing them grow to care for one another in the midst of warUsually I gobble up these older historical romances because I love when a book has numerous plot conflicts and resolutions within one story However this one seemed to drag on and on and I found myself skimming it toward thend This could also be because I have been sick and reading was a little bit of a chore this week due to the brain fog that comes with a really bad coldI received an advanced copy of the reprinted book from ZebraKensington in Mein Erster Mörder exchange for an honest review 3 stars 3 flames. Reveal a noble spirit and a gentle heart beneath the virile warrior's roughxterior kindling the flames of Jennet's womanly desiresand firing a magnificent soul stirring love that would triumph amid the treachery and perils of ,

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