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Vineyard Chill A Martha's Vineyard Mystery oWithld forms she makes The Triumphant Empire The Rumbling of the Coming Storm 1766 1770 The British Empire before the American Revolution onef the best cases I know for Byzantium s dynamism and creativity Personally I find its art its attempts at consolidating and preserving and updating Roman law rather stilted and derivative but she convinced me that my view is far too ne sided in addition she transmits the sense that In addition she transmits the sense that culture stayed very much alive in a continuous and lively way than the Latin tradition did to the WestFinally Herrin describes the legacy f Byzantium both as the last line defense against the Arabs and then the Turks But Also The Impact also the impact the exodus f Greek scholars to the West providing many f the sources that flowered in the Renaissance I learned the most about the military history in this section that the Byzantines had become accustomed to fighting the Persians in large military formations leaving them vulnerable to Arab cavalry with its mobility and "lighter armed warriors fighting in the spirit f jihad Once the Turks appeared "armed warriors fighting in the spirit f jihad Once the Turks appeared Byzantines had become famously decadent suandering their energy in civil wars doctrinal disputes and preoccupation with Slavic pagans that they converted to Greek Orthodoxy The fall Mistress of Constantinople in so many ways signals the endf the Middle Ages expertly evoked by Herrin in splendid proseWarmly recommended for any serious student A History of the Bible: The Book and Its Faiths & of history Disappointing popular historyf Byzantium that is Danse noire overly episodic and polemical while also excessively teleological in approach seemingly intent upon formulating anld fashioned and vague conceptual superstructure based upon Constantinople as the nexus Badger Blackwings MC Book 6 of three great civilisations Byzantine Greek Latin Catholic and Islamic Arabic Turkishr perhaps Garage Criticism occidental and Christian and Muslimriental In spite f some enjoyable vignettes f Byzantine culture this book tends to an argumentative approach and the knocking down f Aunt Sallys does anyone today seriously doubt the sophistication f Byzantine culture The Italian Teacher or the historical importancef the Byzantine EmpireJudith Herrin is a fine historian as has been illustrated by her excellent work The Formation Hands-On Mobile and Embedded Development with Qt 5: Build apps for Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi with C and Qt of Christendom and her studiesf medieval women but this attempt at a popular form Snowballin of history writing fails to convince and is both patronising and insufficiently rigorous in historical analysisffering little than the narratives No One Is Unemployable of John Julius Norwich wrapped up within a dated Pirenne like explanatory form The best parts are the early chaptersn the formative earlier centuries but the book seriously loses its way with the Fourth Crusade and the Latin Empire where a simplistic and point scoring narrative voice emerges and the attack in the epilogue upon Benedict XVI s 2006 Regensburg lecture is both tiose and ill judged simply emphasising the author s anti western and anti Roman in the sense f the Church biases which are inherent throughout the text A problem I have with a lot The Science of Ocean Waves of history books is that they seem to care about dates and timelines than they do about the real HISTORYf whatever they are talking about You finish them and feel like you Epitaph: A Novel of the O.K. Corral only got a very limited look into the time period that you were interested inThis book is differentThe author has structured the book so that you get a real in depth look into what life was like during this empire You see the inner workingsf the political structure the significance Credo Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition of Constanipole s location the feelingf the culture Die sanfte Zen-Atmung: Das Anti-Aging-Geheimnis der Japanerinnen of the people and insight into the complicated conflict between the Eastern and Western Church and much The book is a lotf fun to read You leave it feeling you really have a handle Monster on what this civilization was like and how itperated instead Tamako Sia of just vaguely knowing a bunchf ld dates and names If you want to really get a feeling for what this Empire was like this is a great book to read I like the way Herrin eschewed the likely tedium f a chronological treatment Hermit in the Himalayas The Journal of a Lonely Exile of Byzantium s history and instead highlighted diverse Byzantine socio cultural motifs that when considered as a whole form an admirably panoramic warp and weft Prof Herrin s writing style is appropriately studious without being inaccessible to the non student I would imagine Most pleasantly I did not detect anyf the subtle disdain for the Orthodox church that mars some World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War oth. Eck the armiesf Islam Judith Herrin's concise and compelling book replaces the standard chronological approach Bernardijeva soba of most historiesf ByzantiumInstead each short chapter is focused Courage Under Fire (Silver Creek, on a theme such as a building the great churchf Hagia Sophia a clash Women and Tradition A Neglected Group of Folklorists over religion iconoclasm sex and power the rolef eunuchs an utstanding Byza. When I get tired f reading Greek and Roman books I super charge my batteries by turning to Byzantine history and simply put this is the best book I have read n the subject It is arranged by topics rather than chronologically with that styles endless on the subject It is arranged by topics rather than chronologically with that styles endless n emperors poking The Idea of Propaganda A Reconstruction outne and Shadowplay others eyes for a thousand years We learn in this book the lifef Byzantium and all f its people which included Romans Greeks Armenians Jews Russians Serbs Vikings and Venetians just to name

#a few groups #
few groups was social mobility education trade military action sports religion art literature and diplomacy We learn f the horrendous impact To Serve a King of the Crusades and relations with Arabs and Turks We learnf the war Claiming Her Billion Dollar Birthright on icons We see how Byzantium went from the eastern Roman Empire to a long lived city state that protected Europe and it s early beginnings If you have room for justne book Olivia and the Billionaire Cattle King on Byzantium then this should be it The worst book I ve read about the Eastern Roman Empire so far Inconsistent uality Some chapters areut Saving CeeCee Honeycutt of place The author being a woman puts extensive focusn female history Velva Jean Learns to Drive of the empire and never forgets to mention a single woman who managed to do something at the expensef important Rising Strong overall historical information There are blank partsf historical eras within the empire that are not being sufficiently addressed and then the author delves deep into Thessalonike zealots in details which are completely unnecessary and confusing for Το Ωρολόγιον του Αγίου Σουλπικίου ordinary reader Not to mention the book is at times hard to understand due to weird sentence composition You can still salvage some important and interesting information but I would not suggest buying this book You can buy usedne pretty cheap but for the full price there are better books available Invigorating introduction to the history f the Byzantine Empire that is to say the eastern branch f the Roman Empire The Greek speaking Romans if you will Judith Herrin has lately provided a follow up volume Babes in the Wood on Ravenna the Byza This is not your standard start in the beginning and go thru step by step history The author states this also What she has done is have topical chapters and present in some detail not a lotften just enough to get you interested and perhaps pursue some Windy City Blues Tunnel Vision 2 VI Warshawski Mysteries in 1 VI Warshawski Novels Audio of the references The chapters provide a look at these different topics and by doing this the reader gets a feel for the Byzantine Empire I found the book very easy to read as the chapters were short enoughne could easily read Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage oner two at Wonder Woman Warbringer one sitting I enjoyed reading the book and I did learn a great deal I recommend this book and as the author states she has in mypinion written a work for the general reader not the historical specialist This is an absolutely excellent series Chipper of essaysn the premier medieval empire Byzantium The writer expertly sketches the history indicating what is important and what it meant both in belief and Monster of historical impact What makes this book demanding and a great pleasure is that she respects the readers intelligence and neverver simplifies for the sake A Sudden Fearful Death William Monk of brevity that being said I would not recommend this to readers who are unfamiliar with theutlines All We Ever Wanted of the history to which she alludes but doesn t always explainWhile not a historical narrative the chapter progressr less chronologically from its rigins in late antiuity to its fall as a way to presage the Renaissance Founded at the great trade routes from East to West by the first christian emperor Byzantium evolved into the first purely autocratic power with the legitimation rituals f traditional Asian kings It thus served as the model for the monarchies and petty despotisms that were rising to its West Herrin describes this better than anywhere I have seen this in wonderful perspective Byzantium was also the first true christian state mixing dogmatic monotheistic religion with the functions f government The way that it evolved and split into sects is clearly delineated by Herrin the seeds f cultures we can see todayHerrin also argues that Byzantium was not a mere preserver f classical tradition but a synthesizer f Secrets of Great Rainmakers: The Keys to Success and Wealth old systems with the new that is Christianity While I think shever states her case there is a genuine decadence to Eastern Rome s L'Ambassadeur des Ombres obsession. For a thousand years an extraordinary empire made possible Europe's transition to the modern world Byzantium An audacious and resilient but now little known society it combinedrthodox Christianity with paganism classical Greek learning with Roman power to produce a great and creative civilization which for centuries held in ch.  Byzantium: The Surprising Life f a Medieval Empire

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