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D much name but it is a name one with a longer history *Than Say Dax Which *say Dax which an entry in the boys section Meh No I m not pregnant I ust an entry in the boys section Meh No I m not pregnant I ust reading the meaning of names An interesting resurgence of old fashioned names My son looked through it and couldn t believe how yuck the names were but I enjoyed reading the oldies and where they are derived from Fun not necessarily serious I ve had this book for years and years and years and it s always a good reference when looking for solid names A curt collection of seemingly forgotten tread upon and sadly disused names This book contained several of my longtime favorites and tipped me off to some I hadn t previously thought of or consideredI ve been noticing baby name books tend to take an obvious bias of making fun of names less used so it was refreshing and I enjoyed reading an author s work that cheered on the choosing of the downtrodden givensWhile definitions are occasionally offered the paragraphs that accompany each name tend to focus on characters and famous folk connected to each This I considered a downside for in a serious name search I am much interested in what the name s etymology is than the fact that this am much interested in what the name s etymology is than the fact that this used it for their childI will however tip my hat to the uniue style the author chose to use I uestion the validity of the entire book based solely on one entry for RykerThe author has an example of Ryker as Captain Riker sat in the cockpit of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation Any generic search engine search would show that the captain was Picard It may be a nitpicky detail but if this is way off base I have to wonder about the rest of the examples in the bookI liked the collection of the girl names but the boy names were pretty lame overall. Tions nicknames and especially useful for readers alternatives names that have the same flavor but may sound better with a particular last name or family background There’s a guide to the basic rules of baby naming scansion the sounds syllables and rhythm of a name and how it goes with a last name ethnic traditions recent trends effective use of a middle name plus an invaluable “flaky test” Still considering a uirky name Just imagine yourself buckling in for a flight when a voice comes on saying “I’m your captain insert uirky name here” What do you think now. Bring Back BeatriceEst baby name book I have read in a long timeIf *you re considering a purchase and wanting something written in the last couple of years I would steer you towards BEATRICE *re considering a purchase and wanting something written in the last couple of years I would steer you towards BEATRICE know that our baby Turtle is now a lil boy Stacy and Lil John are thinking up names right now for this new grandbabe I am hoping for a good strong name My grandson s name is Landon Lyric I love that My grandson s name is Landon Lyric I love that The Name Landon Makes name Landon makes think of Michael Landon from Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie fame He made us see a strong moral man who stood up for his family Lyric denotes music that fills our hearts with oy I see Landon Lyric as his name suggest strong loving and full of oy I hear they are thinking of the name Scott Wayne for our lil turtle to be I love the way that sounds Scott with that thought of hearing a burr in the voice as it rolls off the tongue And Wayne makes me think of that John Wayne swagger I can see a grandbabe that will charm you one minute and make you swoon the next I am going to share my new lil yellow book Bring Back Beatrice with them Here they can read about name origins and see the meaning and character of a name That was where I found the information for the names above I like the way the name entries are written but the book as a lot of strange omissions There are some entries for spelling variations Katherine and Catherine for example But there s an entry for Claire and none for Clara And Carrie Caroline and Carolyn don t have their own entries only Carol does It s true that Clara is discussed in the entry for Claire and Carrie et al are talked about in the entry for Carol etc but those are all very different names and deserve their own entries imho Mildred is missing altogether for some reason It may be a very old and no longer use. Ame Benedict meaning “blessing;” Henry good enough for eight English kings after all it means “home ruler;” Diana the Roman goddess of hunting the allegorical antecedent of the virgin ueen Elizabeth and alterego of Wonder Woman; or Beatrice an old fashioned beauty with roots in both Dante and Shakespeare Bring Back Beatrice winnows down the universe of names to 1546 mostly classic examples and it makes a strong case for each featuring the name’s definition its use in history its connotations and subtleties its “meaning” in the fuller sense Included are varia. ,

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The best name book I
read so far I loved and found it very helpful I didn t like how looking at other sources the names were ust too bizarre This book has beautiful names and it s meanings I loved reading it I learned so much I didn t know that Cameron means crooked nose so interesting Will definitely purchase a copy of this for my library for my future babies It is a nice wee book with rounded corners uite unusual It does have the number of names advertised with their meanings some names books are simply a list of names with no information about them pointless It is obviously an American book as some of the unusual names are really rather common over here Colin but I uite liked reading a foreigner s perspective on the names we take for grantedAs you read through the book it has boxes so if you liked this what about this eg Statesmen Inca names patron saints gods Ok so a lot of these you re not likely to use but it was fun to read At the very least my Sims are going to have interesting names next time I start a new familyAnyway if you are looking for the ideal book to pick the name for you firstborn from this is not it It is a fun read though and would make an ideal present for mum to be as it looks good and is uirky What perfect timing at a good mid way point in my pregnancy to receive this book Going in we were all set with a boy s name but after the ultrasound it was a girl s name which we discovered we would need This book is uite humorous and informative It was on a side table and when my parents came to visit my dad spent a few hours and said he even learned something new After a few months of research here and in my genealogy we found our name Thanks to Workman for *providing a copy for review Originally posted The In a world where too many babies are named *a copy for review Originally posted The In a world where too many babies are named and Jayden and too many baby name books are saccharine pink and blue here comes something singular a book that brings meaning taste character a little bit of attitude and a refreshing lack of trendiness to the art of naming a baby Bring Back Beatrice is a clarion call for parents who know they are naming not ust a cuddly newborn but a human being a person who will be proud to carry a name like Iris meaning rainbow after the Greek messenger goddess who connected the heavens to the earth; Bennett the medieval form of the ,