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E is anti Catholic but he s anti Catholic without really understanding Catholics Typical4 He said Christians downplay Moses I disagree Moses foreshadowed Christ That is very impt Of course Christ is most impt of all and I understand that a Jewish person would not agree with that That in itself though *would not have stopped me from reading the *not have stopped me from reading the He called the covenants God made with Adam Abraham and Jacob uasi covanenants because they weren t in writing like His covenant with Moses 10 commandments Isn t that like taking today s standards and applying them to yesterday 6 His Grammar Is Incorrect And His Editor grammar is incorrect and his ditor t catch it but I did Again not Atlas of Science enough to make me stop reading the book but annoying All together though these things bothered menough to uit reading it On to something lse now No book deserves five stars but I loved it Feiler documents the way Moses has been used as a major figure in the founding of America and beyond I love the way he does his research and the way he writesThe following is from the reviewer The xodus story is America s story Moses is our real founding father The pilgrims uoted his story Franklin and Jefferson proposed he appear on the US seal Washington and Lincoln were called his incarnations The Statue of Liberty and Superman were molded in his image Martin Luther King Jr invoked him the night before he died Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama cited him as inspiration For four hundred years one figure inspired Americans than any other His name is Moses In this groundbreaking book New York Times bestselling author Bruce Feiler travels through touchstones in American history and traces the biblical prophet s influence from the Mayflower through today He visits the island where the pilgrims spent their first Sabbath climbs the bell tower where the Liberty Bell was inscribed with a uote from Moses retraces the Underground Railroad where Go Down Moses was the national anthem of slaves and dons the robe Charlton Heston wore in The Ten Commandments Even a cursory review of American history indicates that Moses has بیگانه در زمین emboldened leaders of all stripes Feiler writes patriot and loyalist slave and master Jew and Christian Could the persistence of his story serve as a reminder of our shared national values Could he serve as a unifying force in a disunifying time If Moses could split the Red Sea could he unsplit America One part adventure story one part literary detective story one partxploration of faith in contemporary life America s Prophet takes readers through the landmarks of America s narrative from Gettysburg to Selma the Silver Screen to the Oval Office to understand how Moses has shaped the nation s character Meticulously researched and highly readable America s Prophet is a thrilling original work of history that will forever change how we view America our faith and our future Overall this was an xcellent book I struggled in the first 100 pages as maybe the author struggled to choose a tense or a voice He jumps from 1st person to third then ngages in conversational dialogue It kind of drove me crazy However Jens og flammernes verden eventually we hit a stride The discussion of how the story Moses has beenvoked throughout American history was fascinating I most Science and the Enlightenment enjoyed the sections onmancipation and the civil rights movement A couple of interesting uotesRo. In our nation’s history and development Bruce Feiler’s most fascinating and thought provoking book to date America’s Prophet delves deeply into how the Exodus story and America’s true “Spiritual Founding Father” ha. This is an interesting and fairly uick read about the influence of the story of Moses and Exodus on the history of America From the Puritans to the Founders to the pre and POST CIVIL WAR FROM IMMIGRANTS TO Civil War from immigrants to Civil *Rights Movement The Influence Of The Story *Movement the influence of the story the Israelite people and their leader has shaped and influenced peoples governments and social movements in America It s a wonderful story and it can act as a powerful metaphor for people who are resisting tyranny moving into An Unknown Land And unknown land and and contemplating new beginnings I really The Legends of the Jews - Volume 2 enjoyed thisWhat I have noticed in the last ten or fifteen years is the rise of leaderless movements That to me is uniue in that most movements have historically speaking some kind of figurehead or individuals who This was a fascinating listenspecially at this time of year 4th of July I loved how well interwoven Moses is in so much of America s foundation It was interesting to discover how many past American presidents have not only identified with Moses his Paradise Reconsidered in Gnostic Mythmaking exodus and liberation of the Israelites but also have uoted distinct passages from Exodus in their speeches It wasually compelling to ascertain how opposing sides both associated with Moses but for obviously different reasons such as the Patriots and Loyalists during the Revolutionary War the North and the South during the Civil War and those anti and pro segregation during the 1960 s I Vortex (Insignia, enjoyed realizing how deep rooted the Judaic tradition is in this country how much is has shaped and influenced our society and culture and held the ideas behind super heroes like Superman and Captain America The chapters on Cecil B DeMille his desire to create biblical narratives for the big screen and his insistence on having Charleton Heston portray Moses as a strong confident figure despite character differences found in the Old Testament helped me to appreciate his cinema genius and craftsmanship all the Throughout Feiler provides a very well rounded and structured basis for all of the uestions and arguments he raises including opinions from top scholars and incorporating his own families personal traditions into the mix If you are somewhat familiar with the author s body of writing or about the relationship between American history and theology 1 then you have a fair guess as to what you will find here There will be some dodgy discussion of scripture a great deal of attention spent to resear Interesting premise Very well written I just wasn t overly compelled by the subject matter Not well documented This is a goodxample of proposing a theory building your arguments but not substantiating them Good Complejidad exercise in today snvironment of fake news and alternate facts You can The Bad Penny easily see how he built his case with no foundation Have readnough about the US Revolution to see how forced this argument is Interesting premise and I The Awakening (Graveyard Queen enjoyed seeing the Civil War from the viewpoint of the impact of the Beecher family did check the basic facts were true This book was recommended on Glenn Beck s show once but I found it very disappointing1 this is a Jewish author that didn tven know that the 10 plagues were Chemistry each an attack on an Egyptian god He called them nuisances Nuisance Yah they were a little than that2 He called God impulsive He said Moses talked God out of being impulsive3 Bruce Feiler’s New York Times bestsellers Abraham Walking the Bible and Where God Was Born brilliantlyxplored the roots of faith With America’s Prophet Feiler looks at Moses and the ssential role the prophet has played.

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Usseau describes freedom as giving the law to yourself he said And that s what supposedly happens at Sinai When Moses comes down from the mountain the people say All that the Lord has spoken we will do That s when they become a free Society They Had Been Pharaoh S Slaves And Now They They had been Pharaoh s slaves and now they God s servants In biblical Hebrew the same word bed is used to describe the Israelites relationship to Pharaoh and later their relationship to God There s a kind of bondage in freedomSpeaking of Cecil B DeMille and the making of The Ten Commandmentswith DeMille s granddaughterBecause Moses is a universal story than Jesus and in the fifties a relevant story Moses is the antithesis of communism and Grandfather hated communism He said terrible things happened to countries who had no God I really really liked this book and I am sure it has changed the way look at history and many key figures in it particularly the way I look at the founding of America But there was an underlying tone I did not like The author Bruce Feiler was Jewish I have no argument with that and I appreciate his point of view and totally understand it The part I did not like was his comparison of Moses and Jesus Christ He in Reading Capital effect dismpowers Christ and gives all credit to Moses I understand that he does not believe that Jesus was the Christ and since he doesn t he sees the comparison as being between two or less The Hothouse by the East River eual leaders He says Christ is not a veryffectual leader I suppose his opinions would change if he realized or believed that Christ is the God the Great I Am who spoke to Moses on Sinai The premise of this fascinating book is that many key points of American history were based on the biblical character Moses His story had strong influence on the Pilgrims on Harriet Tubman Brigham Young Martin Luther King Jr and on a number of presidents including George Washington Abraham Lincoln and Unthinkable even George W Bush The Second Continental Congress appointed John Adams Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to form a committee to design a seal for the United States Both Franklin and Jefferson independently proposed seal designs picturing scenes from the Exodus They both thought that freedom was an important concept to bembodied in the seal Neither of their proposals was ultimately acceptedThe Liberty Bell is inscribed with words of Moses Proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof A hand of the Statue of Liberty holds a set of tablets reminiscent of Moses He was a national hero for slaves who sang a number of songs about him The comic book hero Superman is based partly on Moses both were sent away as babies by their mothers in order to survive and both grew up unknowingly among people from other tribesMoses has always been a symbol of gaining freedom from oppression This theme figures very *Strongly In The American Psyche Bruce Feiler *in the American psyche Bruce Feiler a very strong case for the central role that the story of Moses has played throughout historyI listened to this book as an audiobook which was read by the author Feiler is a mediocre reader his narration does not add much to the impact of the book Nevertheless this book weaves together a compelling story United States History explaining how the concept of liberty holds so strongly among Americans and how Moses is seen almost universally as a hero whombodies this concept. Ve inspired many of the most important figures and defining Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, events in this country’s history from the Mayflower Pilgrims to the Civil Rights movement and how Moses can provide meaning in times of national crisisven today . America's Prophet Moses and the American Story

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