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D my reading horizons n hopes of getting my mojo back I ve never thought of myself as a lover of literary fiction but I ve fallen Legion of the Dead (Barnaby Grimes, in love with the genre over the past few months so why not give erotic romance a try I m no prude but I ve stayed away from the genre previously for the sole reason that I like my steamy sex to be mixed up with a bit of plot otherwise I losenterest This book was the perfect balance of sexy oh lawd help me and compulsive fantasy like mystery Plot wise we have a group of six friends who have gone their separate ways after experiencing a rather Off the Planet intimate childhood Proserpina or Poe as she not goes bys returning to her old friend Auden s sprawling country estate to help digitalize the manor s library swoon and also find out what happened to her missing mom All of the friends are somehow drawn back to Thornchapel and what follows Closed Circle is a sensual somewhat mystical romp of ritualistic sexual awakening If you want diversity that feels natural heret SoulPancake is Our cast features a wide spectrum of race culture socioeconomic status but also of sexuality We have an extremely positive portrayal of polyamorous relationships BDSM and consent Bonus a really cool and honest portrayal of a character with narcolepsy without cataplexy The ending wraps things up nicely without leaving a huge cliffhanger but also leaves us ready and waiting forn the next Loves Passionate Plea installment Highly recommended to readers looking for a super sexy read that also features a compulsive mystery and delightful gothic atmosphere Thornchapel knows my name and the crooked corners of my heart andt wants me to make promises that I m going to keep This took a while to actually get going but once Lily it did God tier smut Have MERCY The realization that everyone right nows probably throbbing with the need to come shivers over me and I have a brief fantasy of all of them every last one of them using my body to sate themselves with My mouth and my tight cunt and everything until every last person Death Queen - The Pit of Blood is spent and loose Ms Simone you filthy dirty brilliant woman After several cold showers I don t really know where to even begin with this beautifully screwed up story This was so enrapturing and stunningly sexy to the point where I can t even begin to tell you whatt s about sigh I didn t know the premise of the story when I started and I enjoyed t even because of t Just trust that you should go nto this blind and open your mind to all the foul and dirty creations that Sierra Simone very magically devises There are certain trigger warnings that the author posted during the cover reveal that s perhaps all you need to know CONTENT WARNING pretty boys pouting and staring at the rain old library filled to the brim with moldering manuscripts full of secrets aggressively bisexual ritual deflowering of virgins kink angst blood jealousy archival minutiae Latin words tragic backstories murder Prosecco and a dogBut Psychic Detective if you re like me those would have onlyntrigued you even further As soon as I started reading this the atmosphere was enchanting It almost felt like there was a sense of magical element a paranormal asset to the setting Thornchapel Mary Magdalen Myth and Metaphor is a place but also a feeling and you can really understandt through the writing Which brings Alexander the Great in how vivid and alluring the writingtself was I loved the prose and the The Private Life of the Diary imagery that was given on every single page with every single line I bloom like a rose when I m handled like a weed Thiss going to sound so fucking weird but The Anthology Project (Volume 1) if you read YA this almost gave me Raven Cycle vibes Like a disturbed erotic adult version of the Raven Cycle We had the whole crew and the mystery and history repeatingtself and slightly magical air You don t pick up on the vibe here Like this whole place Becoming an Academic Writer is cloisteredn a strange timeless little bubble Like a Sarah Waters novel but with pizza delivery There were so many plot twists that I never saw coming and I began to realize that expect the unexpected works so perfectly with this book I loved every single character and all the dynamics between them the A Land More Kind Than Home interwoven relationships the sexual tension EVERYTHING It was so hauntingly memorable and I mtching to get my hands on book 2 I need of Thornchapel and Rebecca and Delphine I need angst between Saint Poe and Auden And damn A Free Man if I don t need me some Becket and Sir James My cute lil gang of horny kinky adults and their dog Thornchapel waited Andn a clearing Betting on Fate in the woodsn a church ruined by thorns and time something stirred Something called all six of them by name The Dirty Laundry I ve devised a naughty scale for this book1 blushing Masters of Death in public2 closing the kindle and waiting to get home because theres no way people won t know what your dirty little mind s up to 3 panty dropper4 no need to even wear garments Any Take The Day Off Work And take the day off work and read If you read this book and enjoy all senses of depravity you will be somewhere along this scale Hopefully I can t tell And I can t tell who can see what but I do know that t s a forcefully erotic The Chestnut Tree (The Bexham Trilogy idea Thatf they wanted my friends could see my cunt Maybe they could pet Stay it maybe they could lean down and kisst to make Laws of Ascension Companion it feel better I could almost cry with how much I want that In all honesty I feel like erotics an understatement But yes this book was all sorts of erotic but The DIY Music Manual. Randy Chertkow Jason Feehan it was erotica with a fuckingnteresting storyline I find No Mans Daughter it really hard to enjoy 100% erotica because theres often no plot or character development This had all the wet dreams you could ask for but also had me rooting for the characters turning pages to find out about the certain mysteries of thornchapel wanting to slip Melody on Loan into a coma till the seuel comes outn summer yes not as wild as people saypros real kink shit lots of bi repcons poe was annoying saint was whiny auden was a pretentious lil cuck every sex scene or reason to justify the ritual sex felt like watching a bad porn 45 starsI m upsetti spaghetti that this book ended as soon as The Toll-Gate it did I wentnto this thinking t would be just vapid smut so boy was I surprised The writing n this Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, is actually one of the most gorgeous styles I ve read all year and I m 100% gonna read from this author This had a great segmenting of smut versus actual plot and the actual plot was wait fort nteresting I will admit that5 stars came off of the rating because t was a little confusing but t was an enchanting concept nonetheless I just little confusing but t was an enchanting concept nonetheless I just there was direction on why the characters were doing what they were doing because Death in Mumbai it felt a bit aimless and by the end of the book I forgot why the characters were sonvested Baccarat : La lgende du cristal in doing this ritual Still I think this books really modern O Colégio de Todos os Segredos in howt examines virginity and polyamory In between the sexy scenes there s so much angst and pining and March Violets (Bernie Gunther, it s my exact cup of tea I ve heard lots of negative things about book two but I mnterested nonetheless to see where this goes I ll start with the positive things I liked the cover writing I learned a lot of new and difficult words I adored St Sebastian who Zoete tranen is the reason for the second star otherwise I wouldn t have madet to the end because of all the ridiculous stuff I have to wrestle myself through and I liked the Water Music idea of the setting the house the maze the chapel That being said this book sighs To sumt up convenient The entire plot Revived is convenient They even added some bad weather without really saying anything else aboutt aside from Student Research Projects in Calculus it being cold and the roads being bad as a reason for all of them to spend the night together Like I said convenient So here comes the bad stuff and the spoilers view spoilerFirst of all If the main characters called Proserpina and sh. Unravelling nto filthy holy pleasure and pain Together they awaken a fate that will either anoint them or leave them n ashes From the author of the USA Today bestselling New Camelot series comes an original fairy tale full of ancient mysteries lantern lit rituals jealousy money murder sacred torment and obsessions that last for lifetimes A Lesson Love for Imperfect Things in Thornss the first of four books n the Thornchapel series. Me making the conscious decision to read erotica knowing damn well this s firmly outside my circle of nterests and mmediately regretting Language and Linguistics it I didn t sign up for this I mean Technically I did sign up for this I justdidn t read the fine printncoherent mumbles Fine I did read the fine print And I still signed Divertimento itinhales Why did I signtThis Love Is a Fairy Tale is a glaringly obvious case oft s not you Promise at Dawn it s me Its me I m really just too asexual for this That said the book s definitely not without merit On a subtler level A Lesson n Thorns examines with grace and veracity the social construction of virginity affirms sex positivity and the choices others make regarding sex and completely annihilates the concept of heterosexuality being the default It might not be the read for me but I do appreciate the uestions Bangkok Wakes to Rain it asks and themportant conversations The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery it drags to the fore He dreamed and he burnedThornchapel waited Andn a clearing Darkmere in the woodsn a church ruined by thorns and time something stirredSomething called all six of them by name Ahh hell This was so dark sexy delicious mysterious and alluring I have no Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? idea how Sierra Simone didt but boy was this good I ve read plenty of smut Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den in my life I m no stranger to breaking taboos and thedea of BDSM certainly doesn t cause me to leg Scraps Of The Untainted Sky it so nothing that was written on the blurb of this book made me feel uncomfortable uite the contraryf anything The Eric Carle Gift Set it made me even curious I meant s really rare to read about 6 characters that are all bi and enjoy the Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century idea of ritualistic sex and BDSM Even rarer that one of thems actually a priest lol So was this as wild as I thought Fashion Design Course it would be Well nope Either I ve read way too much smut whichs than just likely P or A Lesson Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, in Thorns wasn t as shocking as I thoughtt would be I think for some of the sensitive readers out there this will break a lot of taboos for me Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga it was nothing new though XD Anywayyy let s just say I m thoroughly tainted and get on witht Haha A kiss that was almost a bruise almost a bite and how he wanted both he wanted kissing and bruising and holding and biting and he wanted to shelter them from the rain and force them to kneel Cincinnati and Other Plays in the mud too and he didn t know whatt meant or why Speak Out! it was happening or even why they were letting him yank them close There were many things I loved about this and other things I considered to be kind of unrealistic but I suppose that s just one of those It s me not the book cases Fornstance I found I Like You the Best it pretty unrealistic that four of those 6 characters were actually still virgins I mean seriously They are lusting after each other and constantly horny but four of them never had sex Not to mention that they are all about 22 or 23 years old Admittedly two of them had a very good reason to be virgins but Poe I findt hard to believe that a person The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles is sonto BDSM but never even slept with someone Usually you explore your sexuality first and then go The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico into your own special brand of kink Just saying lol If this would have been a smut book I d have bookedt as particular appeal but since this was so much than that I just couldn t wrap my head around Lone Star Standoff it Which brings me right to our six bi characters I couldn t help but loveAuden The Lord He wants both of them so much he thinks he might be entirely made up of want he thinks all his thorns are finally puncturing through his skin and outnto the real world and everyone will see and they ll know His darkness and his light and all the twines and ravels of his depraved thorny heart Poe The librarian Why am I so messy So eager I feel like an overgrown garden lush and crowded rioted and jumbled except nstead of leaves and roots and petals I m jealousy and hunger and pain and thrillAll the bitter and all the sweet all mixed together Delphine The Star For a long time I was the only fat girl n my circle she says pensively Or even More Punishment For His Cheating Wife in the circle outside of that one I started the Instagram account because I needed to feel like all the parts of myself were real and that they were real at the same time that I was well dressed andnteresting and cultured and fat St Sebastian The Saint You don t know what Decision it s like to see someone you care about someone you d tear out a lung just to talk to and you can t You can t talk to them because what you ve done to each othern the past The View from Alameda Island is anron door without a lock between you Becket The Priest What are rules when God Himself has filled him with holy fireBecause the other thing he knows When Fox Is a Thousand is that tonights holy And he 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution is a holy man Rebecca The Domina Normally Rebeccas all cool euanimity and analytical composure and she takes everything n stride with the possible exception of Delphine Nothing ever seems to disrupt her confidence apart from this snarl of hedge and gravel It was so amazing to read about people that are bi and comfortable With It They Were All Secure In Their Sexuality And it They were all secure n their sexuality and loved this so much You rarely see that n books and usually bi

characters are always 
are always because they just discover their sexuality Not n this book though They all knew what they liked even Becket and they stood by The Second Sister it and weren t ashamed of their desires 5 STARS The place claims yout knows your name and the crooked corners of your heart and you ve pledged yourself to Perfect Match (Girl Talk, it before you ve even realized what s happeningThornchapel knows my name and the crooked corners of my heart andt wants me to make promises that I m going to keep HypnotizingCaptivatingSpell bindingAll enrapturingThose are just some of the words that were running through my overly sensitized brain as I was reading this book No Not reading EXPERIENCING Because this Curzon isn t just a story you read It s one that unravels before your eyes with every turn of the page It s an out of body experience unlike any I ve ever had with any other book And I don t even know how to begin to even TRY to review what I just read I want him to be mine Or I want to deny him the right to ever call me his I want to heal him and I want to hurt him All because of one broken kiss Truth be told I jumped at the chance to read this book way beforet had so much as a blurb All I knew was that Sierra Simone wrote AHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers it and so I had to readt I went Let’s Call It a Doomsday intot completely blind not knowing what to expect and f you were to take away one thing from my review t s this go nto t Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, in exactly the same way Trust me For the reason of allowing every reader out there to experience this bookn exactly the same way I did I m going to keep this review just as vague as the blurb And you ll thank me for Prohibido nacer it after I d let him do anything I d let him love me I d let him make me falln love with him right back I d admit that I m already Serafina and the Seven Stars in love with him I won t tell you who the main characters are I won t tell you how the romance evolves But I will tell you that theres most definitely a riveting romance at the heart of this storyThe story spins around six charactersThe heirThe dreamerThe priestThe geniusThe socialiteThe saintEach a uniue and broken soul n their own right Each one you will be dying to learn about Each that will capture your heart n their own wayThere s an added allure of something almostparanormal about this book There s a deep history that drives what happens with these characters There are rituals love and pain jealousy and betrayal The story has this haunting auto to What She Saw (Conard County it that weavests way around your heart and doesn t let you draw a breath until the last page It may take a vanilla reader out of their comfort zone at times It may make you uestion everything you just read And Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan it will leave you with a reeling head and not knowing which ends upItWasAbsolutelyEP. When librarian Poe Markham takes the job at Thornchapel she only wants two things to stay away from Thornchapel’s tortured owner Auden Guest and to find out what happened to her mother twelve years ago It should be easy enough keep her head down while she works Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n in the house’s crumbling private library and while she hunts down anynformation as to why this remote manor tucked nto the fog shrouded moors wo.

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A Lesson n ThornsICIf you read one book this year make t this one Now Lawbreakers Suspense Stories if you ll excuse me I m off to rock myselfn the corner with a bottle of vodka until the next book ARC courtesy of publisher HIPPO IN THE GARDEN in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on EDIT Yes I did drop my rating to four stars I emailed the author and she was very kind and very respectful but she did confirm that all six of these characters are for sure bi but not deeply tied to their labels for this entire series I m going to be probably a little too real with you but this has been a really rough Pride for men the book world In my real life I am so lucky to be accepted and supported as a pansexual and panromantic woman but the book world constantly makes me feel like I m a lesser version of bi and I can t take Spinal Trauma it any longer The fact that I am forced to try so very hard to see myselfn literature to force myself Shadow (New Species, in cutouts that apparently weren t made for me and just knowing that authors could so easily give me a breadcrumb of representation without having to do any work what so ever yet here I am crying over a romance book that refuses to acknowledge my ueer existence once again I m just tired friends and I m fed up and I can t believe that I ve still only read the word pansexual on pagen about ten books for my entire life when I read and review 100 books a year I m sick of being erased I m sick of being not enough and I can t wait for the day when pan kids don t have to figure out what pansexual and panromantic mean 細味人生100篇 in their 20 s because the book world proves over and over that we aren t worth the representation and that bisexual and biromantic should always be the default for multiple gender attraction characters Thornchapel knows my name and the crooked corners of my heart andt wants me to make promises that I m going to keep Okay I m just going to be real with you all The Gathering (Darkness Rising, if you love The Secret History If We Were Villains andor Strange Grace but wish they were all sexually explicit Then thiss the book for you This book MongoDB is a love letter to polyamory without ever using the word Thiss ff mm mf and a whole lot of sexual group scenes The atmosphere of all three of those books are the same and a work of magic that most writers cannot craft but Sierra Simone delivers and gave me a story that I ve been waiting for what feels like my whole life for This Chastity is ownvoices for the ueer representation and the narcolepsy representation I only recall the word bisexual used once by one character Beckett but besides that bisexual or pansexuals never used on page even though Experiential Learning if pansexuals used on page Die Neurobiologie des Glücks in book two you will hear me screaming all the way from Vegas this I swear but all six characters express sexual attraction to multiple genders and the authors bisexual I have seen reviews that state all six characters are bi but I just believe n my heart that there s no way that all six MGA multiple gender attraction characters are bisexual I m sorry And A New Philosophy of History if so that s not toonclusive and my pan self wouldn t want to read Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction it to be real honest with you all A Lessonn Thorns s a story that follows six characters who stayed at a remote manor that s falling down but FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck is filled with secrets called Thornchapel when they were young The prologue of this book which I really recommend you read on shows themn the run down chapel on the estate where they are performing a fake marriage And unexpectedly the bride ends up marrying two grooms Yet the actual story starts out many years later where all six of them are adults but they all have returned to Thornchapel for one reason or another I want him to be mine Or I want to deny him the right to ever call me his I want to heal him and I want to hurt him All because of one broken kiss Auden The heir Pan or bi and owner of Thornchapel ProsperpinaPoe The dreamer Pan or bi narcoleptic total submissive and just took a job at Thornchapel Big Little Man in the library but shes secretly trying to figure out what happened to her mother after a mysterious note The Man from Beijing is sent to her Becket The priest Bisexual and living his life for God Rebecca The genius Pan or bi Black and the Dom of my dreams Delphine The socialite Pan or bi plus sized Instagram famous and engaged to Auden St Sebastian The saint Pan or bi biracial white and Mexican and feels like he ruins all the lives that he touches he wanted to shelter them from the rain and force them to kneeln the mud too and he didn t know what Creating Lasting Value it meant or whyt was happening And when these six characters get together and get to re know each other secrets unfold and lives change Even though Poe Understanding Markets and Strategy is the main character each of thesendividuals feels completely fleshed out and each are on their own personal journeys toward happiness even Montana Dreams if the roads very bumpy to get there But this Immerwelt - Der Pakt is ultimately a book about finding yourself and your acceptance and happiness evenf Modern South Asia it feels like your life has already been decided for you regardless of your wishes and wants It also showcases themportance of friendships and romantic relationships and how sometimes those lines can blur and sometimes they don t but sometimes they become something Also I am just really nto polyamorous stories right now and I think that this something Also I am just really nto polyamorous stories right now and I think that this Ancestral Voices is really beautifully done especially with the chilling atmosphere that leaves so much mysteryn the air This story And Bid Him Sing is truly has so many compelling elementst was just Aristotle Detective (Aristotle impossible to put down I also want to briefly mention that I really love and value the discussion this book has about the concept of virginity and what a stupid pedestal so many people placet on Also how virginity and losing Bones, Clones, and Biomes it can mean so much than a penis goingnside a vagina I really loved how this book handled that and I love how Bringing the Empire Home it completely shattered the stereotype of whatt means to lose your virginity Be still my ueer heart Overall I just love Sierra Simone and I have enjoyed everything I ve read from her but A Lesson n Thorns s for sure my favorite This Building the Cold War is such annclusive novel from race sexuality and social and economic standings This book also talks about reclaiming your body after someone takes a piece of Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) it while also discussing that there are so many ways to heal from loss and hurt And I just thinkt Counter-Amores is so wonderfully done on top of being one of the sexiest things I ve read all year Like I will never be the same after that spin the bottle scene holy shit But I absolutely cannot wait to read Feast of Sparks this summer Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Content and trigger warnings talk of rape and assaultn the past abandonment and loss of a loved one I read this for smutathon which Dancing at Armageddon is being hosted by Lainey and Riley Buddy read with Riley Jane Paloma In the faint moonlight the grasss singingOver the tumbled graves about the chapelThere s the empty chapel only the wind s homeIt has no windows and the door swingsDry bones can harm no one TS Eliot The Waste LandOk wow so hold up one minute I feel the bones can harm no one TS Eliot The Waste LandOk wow so hold up one minute I feel the to preface this review for my regular readers because this s a very different type of book than I typically pick up If you follow me for my mysterythrillersuspense musings here Composition and Literature is your PSA that this books an erotic romance featuring graphic sexual content If that s not your jam no hard feelings feel free to bow out until the next regularly scheduled programming continues but Cezanne and Provence if you re here looking for something new like I was then follow along as we fangirl over one of the best books I ve readn 2019 Everything Dark Voices is possibleTo be honest I wasn t really sure what to expect goingnto A Lesson In Thorns but I ve been really slumping Contested Reproduction inside my comfort zone and have been looking to expan. Uld be the last place her mother was seen alive But Thornchapel has other plans for her As Poe begins uncovering the house’s secrets both new and old she’s also pullednto the seductive elegant world of Auden and his friends and drawn to Auden’s worst enemy the beautiful and brooding St Sebastian And as Thornchapel slowly tightens ts coil of truths and lies around them Poe Auden and St Sebastian start.
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